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Supaphoto is a caring, family run business that is dedicated to the art of converting and preserving cine film, video, slides, photos and audio tapes to new, easy to manage and safer digital formats.

Our customers range from prestigious trusts and museums, TV production companies, to literally thousands of satisfied private individuals. We are known for carrying out our work with passion. We understand all too well that first and foremost, your concern is one of security of handling. We always take the security of your precious material seriously. Our goal is always to transfer your film to a digital format of the highest standard. We'll also advise you regarding fun DIY editing options too which you can carry out in your own time very cost effectively.

For further information of our Video to DVD, Cine to DVD & Slide Scanning, Call us Now on 0800 690 6160 or info@supaphoto.com

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Video Transfers: There are many types of video. We have transferred all formats over the years, many of which are so obscure that the public has never even heard of them. Typically however, clients will have a selection of formats including vhs, vhsc and camcorder tapes.

Cine Film Transfers: Again, we can handle all types of cine film including Standard 8, Super 8, 9.5mm and 16mm cine films. Our digital scanning process supports films with or without sound including magnetic and optical types. We employ first class digital data scanners up to huge 2.3K resolution. We can transfer your old film to either DVD, Blu-Ray or video files at truly native resolutions including SD, HD, 2K and 2.3K

Slide Scanning: We'll digitally scan a wide range of slides, including the most common type - 35mm. We also scan 126, 127, 110 formats. It doesn't matter either whether your films are negative or positive. For mounts, we can can handle plastic or card types too. We've invested steadily over the years in professional scanning equipment that has enabled us to secure the very largest of scanning orders for museums with the quantity of resulting scans running into thousands. In, essence it doesn't matter whether you've got just a few images or someone with a large collection - we'll be able to handle it. We absolutely pride ourselves on delivering great quality scans that you'll treasure forever.

DIY Editing: We're always aware that you're more than likely want to further refine, edit and create new versions of your films once you're in possession of your new digital versions. Rest assured that we are well aware of this and will ensure that you receive your material in a format that makes it easy to edit them yourselves, in your own time afterwards - In a cost effective way with lot's of free advice to help you along the way! You'll have lot's fun doing it to too!

Supaphoto Ltd, 113 Valley Drive, Brighton & Hove City, East Sussex, BN1 5LG, UK Freephone 0800 690 6160.
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