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35mm Cine Film Transfers

Send us your old 35mm cine film reels. Our team at Supaphoto will carefully digitise those films onto the Supaphoto Cloud as a simple download, memory stick or DVD in a presentation case.

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1. Package Them Up

Just package up your material and send it to us. We can also optionally arrange for collection. Tracking gives peace of mind.

2. We’ll Lovingly Digitalise Them

We love what we do. We’ve carefully digitalised millions of memories over 20 years. You’ll get regular updates too.

3. View, Share & Enjoy

Once preserved, you can access them via our easy cloud download service. A simple memory stick or a lovely DVD. Just to view and listen or even have fun editing them!

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35 mm Cine Film Transfer

35mm Film Cine Camera Conversion to Digital


Depending on your age, it was probably shot on 35mm film. The question you may ask yourself is what is 35mm and indeed what benefit is there over say normal film? If you have been to the cinema at almost any time before 2000 you will have watched your favourite movie in 35mm.

The term 35mm,  refers to the film stock it is projected on. These days the majority of screenings at cinemas are projected digitally but if you’re lucky, now and again, cinemas use their original 35mm projectors to deliver a more genuine cinema experience.

But as you sat there, comfortably snug and munching away as silently as you could at your popcorn, you were probably oblivious to the format’s rich history.

35mm film is typically projected in the same aspect ratio on the big screen as a digital film.

Our 35mm Cine Film Transfer Service

Our high quality transfers feature extremely sensitive imaging sensors. In simple terms it means that your end output will look great. Your priceless film reel is less exposed to stress and color fading. Dust and scratches are dealt with using our wetgate transfer technology.

When you use Supaphoto’s 35mm film to digital conversion service, skilled technicians will handle your precious cargo with the utmost care.

Output options include 2K or 4K and we charge per minute typically. We have a small extra charge for sound. We can go to most formats including Prores, MP4, Prores Quicktime MOV, AVI and more besides.

Our high-quality 35mm cine film to DVD and Digital Conversion

Unlike many other digital conversion services, Supaphoto also has the ability to capture the film’s audio when transferring your film into a digitalised format or DVD if it suits.

Rest assured that we do clean your movie film. We do this by hand initially and then automatically as part of our wet screen process. We do this since old 35mm cine film needs to be treated with love and attention to get the best out of it. Large specks of dirt would show up on your final image. If untreated, this can result in your old home movies becoming less enjoyable to watch.

This is why your film will be spot cleaned and relatively simple repairs such as poor splices will be handled for you at zero extra charge.

Flicker-Free Service

Rest assured that we take a lot of care transferring your 35mm movies. We will optimise colour rendition and brightness levels. The transfer service that we offer works well with footage that is sometimes over or under exposed from scene to scene. Our technology will treat this difference of exposure differently and deliver higher quality digital transfers in the process.

Your films will be treated with great care and returned with your order along with any original cans and associated labels. 

35mm Cine Film Compared to 16mm Movie Film

Different people would have different views of course but if you were to ask a filmmaker, they would likely take up a good hour of your time on the differences between these two different formats.

In summary, 35mm film delivers superior definition, depth of field and angle views compared to 16mm film. 35mm movie film will have 16 frames per foot compared to 16mm which has 40 frames per foot. 

16mm film is more portable and cheaper at less than half the width of 35mm film – hence why it was used for most tv programmes. The BBC and ITV to name but two channels still have thousands of 16mm reels of their programmes ranging from family comedies like the Good Life to more serious documentaries.

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