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DVD Slideshows

Welcome to, a nationwide service for discerning people who Top Class DVD Slideshows from slides or photos. Enquire now! or call us on Freephone 0800 690 6160 with discounts for larger quantities.  

We can create a slideshow with photos of the things that shaped your life complete with all of happy moments that went together to create the fabric of your life. We'll create DVDs of stunning, professional photo slideshows on DVD with music.

Typically, we are given a selection of images - photos and slides, and asked to scan them. This, we do in as carefully a manner as possible but also to optimise the resolution for subsequent viewing on a TV. We treat your material with the utmost of respect.

Essentially, we make it easy to transform your cherished printed photos, digital images, 35mm slides, videos and printed memorabilia into permanent, spectacular, one-of-a-kind DVD slideshows that will last a lifetime.

No matter what the special ocasion is - weddings, birthdays, travel, vacations, anniversaries, graduations, new babies, etc - these can all be grouped and thereafter preserved and made into priceless, dynamic photo DVD slideshows. Rest assured that we employ standard DVDs that will play on the majority of DVD players including PCs and dedicated players too.

Happy Clients Include:

Alternatively, we can provide a video file that can be watched on a computer, smart phone or tablet. You can also add more recently taken digital photos taken yesterday to your project if required.

Our job will be to harmonise them all in respect of sizes and quality to ensure that the resulting disc looks great.

You can also choose to have chapters too which when clicked on the screen will take you straight to a particular subject ie holidays.

We also give you a choice of transistions. These are simply the type of changeover between one image and another. Typically people chose fade in - fade out. The time each image is on the screen can also be adjusted.

It would be a great slideshow if it started with an opening title? - No problem - let us know what it is please!

Finally, we'll consult you first to see how you'd like the surface of the disc customised! maybe you'll provided us with a photo and some text. Then we'll insert the disc into a lovely presentation case to finish the job off nicely.

We welcolme visitors too - if only to clearly understand your needs and get things right first time.

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Scanning Process & Prices

Standard Service: 35mm Slides or Negatives to CD/DVD

Service Explained:
To begin with, we assess your material and your needs. On receipt of your film, we call you to confirm safe receipt. To begin with then, we dust each of them individually with a view to removing as much of the surface debris as possible. Once we have completed this stage, we then scan each of your slides one by one.

The resolution for this service is a 'medium resolution' which means that unlike a typical high street chain, we will deliver a tremoundously larger and more detailed scan than a cheap low resolution scan and even greater than a medium resolution scan. The benefit for you is that the quality of the resulting image is greatly improved.

Once we have completed this stage, we can then output your images to either a
DVD Slideshow or/and a computer file set of your images.

DVD Slideshow is a fantastic way of viewing your slides on either a TV or your computer. Typically, the images will fade in and out of one another every five seconds. A menu will include the slideshows complete with a title of your choice. We can optionally add mood music should you like too!

The data version can be used to either make you own prints or for example manipulate and enhance your images digitally thereafter. Because we are scanning at such a resolution, you will benefit by being able to undertake detailed changes thereafter should you like.

Finally, we invariably customise your dvd with your own text and imagery to create that perfect finishing touch. At the end, it is all checked for purpose and quality before being approved for despatch. As for payment, this is only on completion.

DVD Slideshow with or without music- 35mm Slides or Negatives Please Enquire
(Prices include VAT. P&P free for all orders over £95. No Upfront Payment at all required. We can often provide a discount on greater quantities. Minimum Order Value: £20 inc vat. Call us on Freephone 0800 690 6160. For further enhancements such as chapters and more - please see below.

Important: For information on Media Choice and Media Safety - Read More Here

Other FAQs

What types of photos can you scan?
Almost any photos in the answer: black & white, colour, polaroid, new or old, up to A3 in size...

What is the satisfaction guarantee?
We're simply not happy until you are. Our products and services are provided with care and consideration. If you're not happy with the result, we'll work hard to rectify things.

Do you print photos?
Yes - please enquire

How involved do I the client have to be in the process?
We strive to work with you throughout the process to help tell your story and make your slideshow everything you had in mind.

Ultimately, the level of involvement that you have in the whole process is entirely up to you. Some clients are very involves and engage us on the smallest of details. Others by contrast provide an outline and leave the rest up to us. It's totally your choice in the end - we'll work with you to make it happen.

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