Photo slides throughout the centuries

As a child, you may remember the excitement of looking at slides through a carousel projector at relatives or in school. There was nothing quite like the joy of flicking through a set of 35mm slides with friends and family and reminiscing on the memories they gave you. We’re going to take a look at […]

VHS Camcorders

My early memories of camcorders usually consist of my dad not understanding the technology and taking shakey, overexposed and unfocused videos of me and my sister playing in the garden. Let’s find out some more about camcorders… Invented in the early 80s, they presented a massive improvement on previous technologies. This was due to their […]

Jammed and Sticky Cassette Tapes

We’ve all had that moment when you’re sifting through the old relics of which you used to think so new and advanced but now they have become something forgotten. Sitting so patiently, gathering up dust to be re-discovered and creating new, more impressive smiles. So now, you’ve struggled downstairs, found your favourite mixtape, and sat […]

Camcorders through the years

The advances in technology seem to be never-ending. I remember when mobile phones were like a brick and not the modern sleek devices that everyone seems to have in their pocket. Camcorders are no exception… With impressive image quality, and excellent portability and can be uploaded to a computer with ease (sometimes even over WiFi!). […]

Different Types of Vintage Video Formats

You may or may not ever have seen a videotape in the flesh but they look a bit like this (see below image) and you may have caught a glimpse of them in your grandparent’s or relative’s house. Although they are old, those videotapes may contain fantastic home movies or old production projects – you […]

How do I prepare my cine film before sending it?

Different sizes of cine film reels on a blue background

Prior to sending your film and before you even contemplated questions such as how to view cine film, we recommend that you follow these steps to prepare your films in order to attain the optimum results. The preparation process starts by eradicating your media of decades of dust and grime, which can be damaging to […]

Welcome to Supaphoto!

Our story For nearly 20 years now, Supaphoto has been preserving precious memories by transferring videos, cine films, photos and slides to digital formats.  As a little insight, here is the story of how we began… The concept for Supaphoto started in Mexico City in 2002. The founder found himself there with no means of […]

The Top 6 Ways to Keep your Old VHS Tapes in Great Condition

Oh, how times have changed… gone are the days of gathering around the television with your family to watch a good film on VHS. We have now been launched into the Netflix era where watching a film is only a few clicks away. Many of us, though, still have home-video-style tapes hanging around somewhere. These […]