Official Guide To Cleaning 35mm Slides

Scattered 35mm Photo Slides

No one likes that dreaded feeling of finding your slides for photo scanning dirty and unloved. Not only dirty, but they have mould too! Unfortunately, slides growing mould is a very real risk that you need to watch out for! But don’t fret, with this guide to cleaning 35mm slides, you can easily nurse your […]

Why Choose Us to Convert Your Camcorder Tapes to USB

A collection of Cine Film, VHS Tapes and Cassettes on a sofa blue sofa.

If you’re someone that likes to hold onto old memories, or keeping nostalgic items from your past, you more than likely have some old camcorder tapes sitting around if you used one to record home movies in the ’80s or ’90s. Your family’s younger years and pinnacle life moments could be captured on these tapes, […]

Can You Recapture Your Christmas Memories On DVD?

a collection of cine film reels, a supaphoto bag, dvd and CD all on a sofa with two smiling women in the background.

Despite our ongoing love for vintage media and technology, isn’t it frustrating that camcorder tapes have those precious childhood Christmas memories trapped inside all that outdated plastic? For many, Christmas has always been the prime time of year for creating those treasured family memories, so it is unsurprising that it’s such a tradition to be […]

Battle of The Discs


In the beginning… Before the modern age of Spotify and Netflix, all of our video entertainment was brought to us by our (not always) reliable CDs and DVDs and before that our trusty VHS collections! CDs were for banging your favourite tunes on the stereo or in the car And DVDs were for kicking back […]

A Brief History of the Brighton Pavilion

George IV’s initial visit to Brighton was in 1783, where he was visiting his uncle, Prince Henry, Duke of Cumberland. Brighton had become popular and fashionable as a result of George’s uncle’s presence in the town. Henry’s taste for gambling, cuisine, the theatre and a general fast pace of living brought him and the young […]

Photo and Photo Album Scanning Service

Portraits, photos, documents, and albums in your collection tell the fabulous and unique story of your family. These are most likely some of the most treasured possessions.  That’s why, here at Supaphoto, we take great pride in ensuring that we provide the best possible scanning service and tailor it to your specific needs. Unlike many […]

Photo Slides Through the Centuries

As a child, you may remember the excitement of looking at slides through a carousel projector at relatives or in school. There was nothing quite like the joy of flicking through a set of 35mm slides with friends and family and reminiscing on the memories they gave you. We’re going to take a look at […]

VHS Camcorders

My early memories of camcorders usually consist of my dad not understanding the technology and taking shakey, overexposed and unfocused videos of me and my sister playing in the garden. Let’s find out some more about camcorders… Invented in the early 80s, they presented a massive improvement on previous technologies. This was due to their […]

Jammed and Sticky Cassette Tapes

We’ve all had that moment when you’re sifting through the old relics of which you used to think so new and advanced but now they have become something forgotten. Sitting so patiently, gathering up dust to be re-discovered and creating new, more impressive smiles. So now, you’ve struggled downstairs, found your favourite mixtape, and sat […]

Different Types of Photos Explained

Over the years, since photography was invented and evolved, there have been different formats. You might have different variations lying around at home such as photo albums, a box full of negatives, or your pictures hanging on the wall. Here’s a quick history lesson and a few facts about the different types of photos. Print […]