Mini DV Camcorder Format Explained

The majority of current digital camcorders today use Mini DV cassettes that record DV-format video. Mini DV tapes have the advantage of being small, measuring just 2 x 2.75 inches. Due to the huge increase in customers looking to take greater control over their material, we are also often asked to provide quality Digital Mini DV copies with each order.

This popular option that has been fuelled by easy to use and economical editing software. Apart from some simple editing software and an appropriate PC, you'll just need access to an everyday Mini DV camcorder from which you can output your film.

Mini DV gives you the benefit of a high quality, uncompressed version ideal for editing on your pc (much better for editing than DVDs which are better suited for general viewing purposes and storage). Mini DV features include up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution.

The standard (SP) recording time for both formats on standard length media is 60 minutes. Special high capacity cassettes are also available for both formats which can extend these figures, and both offer Long Play modes which extend recording times by 50% (not 100% as for video 8 Long Play).

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