DVD Menu Chapters and Title Options

Option 1. Chapters with Titles:

For a magnificent introduction to your dvd, we can create a menu complete with an image for each segment which also plays a brief section of each clip in a continuous loop.

Below each film is your chosen title along with a main one at the head of the screen. When you click on an image, you'll jump straight your favourite part. Alternativley, you might chose to play the entire DVD.

The above image is an illustration of how typical chapters would appear (without each video playing). We also offer a full range of styles to suit different occasions such as weddings.
Option 2: Basic DVD Chapter Menu:
Here, we provide a simple image for each of your clips as a menu on the DVD but without any titles. This cost effective feature enables you to visually identify and play the clip that you want to play without any fuss. Alternatively, you can always play everything consequetively.

Option 3: Automatically Created Chapter Points:
(This points simply allow you to advance (skip) forward in 10 minute increments. There are no titles or images involved) This service is available on request only.

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