FAQs- Standards Conversions

Q:Which system do we employ in England?
PAL (Phase Alternating Line)

Which system is used in the USA?
National Television Standards Committee. (NTSC)

Q: Which system is used in the France and widely in the former Eastern bloc countries?
Secam. (Sequential Couleur Avec Memoire)

Q: If I want a relative abroad to be able to watch my film how can I be sure that my format will work there?
By consulting us first! Better safe than sorry..

Q: What are the implications of such a transfer?
It will cost a little more and take a bit longer.

Q: Why am I getting a monochrome picture when i play my video?
In general, since the field and scan rates are identical, you can expect to get a monochrome picture from a PAL video recording replayed on SECAM equipment, and vice versa.

Q: Are a Pal or NTSC standards identical around the world?
No there are in fact different versions such as Middle East and Latin American ones..

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