Official Guide To Cleaning 35mm Slides

Scattered 35mm Photo Slides

No one likes that dreaded feeling of finding your slides for photo scanning dirty and unloved. Not only dirty, but they have mould too! Unfortunately, slides growing mould is a very real risk that you need to watch out for! But don’t fret, with this guide to cleaning 35mm slides, you can easily nurse your […]

Why Choose Us to Convert Your Camcorder Tapes to USB

A collection of Cine Film, VHS Tapes and Cassettes on a sofa blue sofa.

If you’re someone that likes to hold onto old memories, or keeping nostalgic items from your past, you more than likely have some old camcorder tapes sitting around if you used one to record home movies in the ’80s or ’90s. Your family’s younger years and pinnacle life moments could be captured on these tapes, […]

Jammed and Sticky Cassette Tapes

We’ve all had that moment when you’re sifting through the old relics of which you used to think so new and advanced but now they have become something forgotten. Sitting so patiently, gathering up dust to be re-discovered and creating new, more impressive smiles. So now, you’ve struggled downstairs, found your favourite mixtape, and sat […]

Different Types of Photos Explained

Over the years, since photography was invented and evolved, there have been different formats. You might have different variations lying around at home such as photo albums, a box full of negatives, or your pictures hanging on the wall. Here’s a quick history lesson and a few facts about the different types of photos. Print […]

How do I Prepare my Cine Film Before Sending It to You?

Different sizes of cine film reels on a blue background

Prior to sending your film and before you even contemplated questions such as how to view cine film, we recommend that you follow these steps to prepare your films in order to attain the optimum results. The preparation process starts by eradicating your media of decades of dust and grime, which can be damaging to […]

Top 6 Ways to Keep Old VHS Tapes in Great Condition

Oh, how times have changed… gone are the days of gathering around the television with your family to watch a good film on VHS. We have now been launched into the Netflix era where watching a film is only a few clicks away. Many of us, though, still have home-video-style tapes hanging around somewhere. These […]