Cine Film Transfer Process and Technology

A lot of time has gone by perfecting the art of our processes.

It's been done with the knowledge that as time goes by, the opportunity to make the most of latest technological developments needs to be grasped to help refine the quality of our transfers in Massive 2.3K resolution and above.

The key concern of most clients is that we return their media safely and of course transfer in the best quality possible.

We've always considered these to be the most important issues in our studio.

Frame by Frame HD Revival Scannning
Our new system delivers amazing pictures for all types and age of cine film including 9.5mm, 16mm, Standard 8 and Super 8 with or without magnetic or optical sound.

Each frame is individually scanned. We use the latest digital data scanners to scan up to 2.3K resolution. We can transfer your film to either DVD, Blu-Ray or Video file at native resolutions including SD, HD, 2K and 2.3K

It delivers great clarity, with no flicker, fresh colours without harming your original film at all.

Home Movies - 8mm and Super 8 film requires a 2K scan to truly archive it correctly (and even more with 16mm). Like any analogue source, the higher the resolution of digital scan, the closer the digital scan will mirror the original source. 8mm and Super 8 film can deliver 800 to 1100 lines, therefore, scanning it at least 1500 lines (2K) will ensure that you capture 100% of the details and colour dynamic range. cine to dvd and digital