Cine Film Conversion Questions

Yes indeed – Just let us know beforehand that you require this at checkout stage in the comment section and mark on your cine reels or package the number sequence please. Happy to help!

We use Digital Telecine Equipment for 8mm and 16mm formats. To the layman, these are machines dedicated for the purposes of transferring cine film. This technology ensures that films are well reproduced without any of the numerous problems associated with the mismatch between modern and past day frame rates. The process delivers generally faithful copies of your precious material as video. We do not aim to be the cheapest but we do aim to be one of the best companies which is reflected in our ever expanding and prestigious client base.

Excellent and very common question! – In short, in most cases, people are pleasantly surprised by how good outcomes are. That’s because of the quality of our processing equipment. Other factors include the gauge (8mm or 16mm (the latter has a larger frame and hence captures more detail) for example), how well your film has been stored, the quality of the original cine camera lens, the light on the day, aperture settings and much more. The good news is that today’s technology can help rectify many of yesterday’s issues! Finally, we’d say that quality is one dimension of value only. Safekeeping your memories is also important. For this reason we always recommend have a digital version along with a hard copy DVD version.

We‘re very proud of our cine film transfers.

The good thing is that we’ve made life really simple for you at Supaphoto!
We just ask you to count the total amount of cine reels that you have really.

Each item is for a specific quantity of items — an item can be either a single cine reel, video tape, audio tape or 25 photos. So if you have one cine reel, one audio tape and 25 photos – then you have 3 items in total – Could not be easier!

Our item costing service will cover the vast majority of people needs. We are able to convert the most common types of cine film, including 8mm cine film (standard 8 or super 8), 9.5mm and also 16mm.

Any 7 inch diametre reels will incur a small additional charge of £20 each to maintain our levels of service and you would be notified.

In rare cases, a cine film reel may have an optical or magnetic soundtrack. You’ll be pleased to know that we can handle this although a nominal additional charge will be incurred per the reel in question and you will be notified.

You can also contact us for our help converting 35mm cine film.

Not much but if you have not viewed your films in recent years, we advise you to scan through the contents of your film(s) using a projector and (assuming they are numbered) check the reel numbers correctly match the numbers on the boxes, particularly numbers 6 and 9. If you haven’t used your projector for a few years, be very careful not to damage your film since long dormant projectors very often do more damage than good to your films when used for the first time again.

Yes! You need not worry about this – any reels with sound are automatically detected.

Opt for an additional set of digital files. Digital files do not fade. Unlike DVDs, they cannot be scratched. They can be easily copied onto other hard drives so that critical backups can be made.

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