1. Set-Up & Preparation Charge

Giving your film some TLC
  • One-off Cost of £24.99
  • This Set-Up phase is a one-off charge per order irrespective of project size or formats of cine film.
    Here we clean, prepare and repair film the film in advance – for a superior finish. We’ll also check any splices, rewind films that are back to front.
    We’ll also check to see whether your film has sound or not and the type of sound (magnetic or optical)
    This is an important stage since film is old and needs the love and attention it deserves to get good results.

2. Capture

Standard 8 & Super 8 Ciné Film

  • 3" (50') Reel
    Standard: £8.99 - Advanced: £15.99
  • 5" (200') Reel
    Standard: £19.99 - Advanced: £39.99
  • 7" (200') Reel
    Standard: £34.99 - Advanced: £49.99

9.5mm & 16mm Ciné Film

  • 3" (50') Reel
    Standard: £20.99 - Advanced: £31.49
  • 5" (200') Reel
    Standard: £45.99 - Advanced: £68.99
  • 7" (200') Reel
    Standard: £79.99 - Advanced: £119.99

3. What Do You Want Back?

Which Media Output is Best?
  • Digital video files are easy to play and share on PCs, laptops and phones & can’t get scratched. Enjoy home movie editing projects too Most ask for DVDs too in a lovely and protective presentation case. It’s also a vital safety back-up as digital files can easily be lost on a computer
  • Master Mp4 Digital Video Files - Via Download - £19.99
    We upload these files for you to our secure Supaphoto Cloud. It’s easy to download your films and share them with your family
  • Master Mp4 Digital Files on a USB Memory Stick - £19.99
    Just insert into your computer to play, share and enjoy!
  • Master DVD in Presentation Case - £19.99
    (Max 1 Hour of Cine Film Per DVD)
    In the long term, having a physical copy of your media in another format makes sense. Just press play and watch!

4. Common Requests

Looking for something else, perhaps?
  • Additional Copy of DVD - £7.99
    Cost per DVD Copy. A hard copy back-up set makes perfect sense
  • Capturing Sound on Your Cine Film – £49.99
    (Additional Cost Per Hour of Film) Does your ciné film have sound? Well don’t worry, it’s uncommon, but we’ll capture it if it’s there
  • Professional Scratch & Vertical Lines Treatment (Additional Cost Per Hour of Film) - £99.99
    With our Pro ‘Wetgate’ Service, when a scratch or vertical line in the film emulsion is filled with fluid, light will travel through the film with less refraction. This results in less visibility of damaged parts of the film
  • Additional Set of Pro Res 2422HQ Digital Files - £69.99
    Supplied on an External Memory Storage Device
  • Film Editing Service - £39.99
    (Cost Per Hour of Work)