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Cine to DVD Film Transfer for Tunbridge Wells, 8mm, 16mm and 9.5mm, Home Movie Conversion

For Tunbridge Wells, Supaphoto specialises in cine to dvd transfers, with care and attention. Please email or call us on Freephone 0800 690 6160.

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on cine to DVD.
We employ our New! REVIVAL frame scanning process, for superb picture rendition.

Clients Include:

Cine Film Transfer to DVD, 8mm, 16mm and 9.5mm Cine Film Conversion
Cine to DVD transfers are arguably the most convenient, as a standard playback DVD is portable, viewable on laptops and DVD players, and may be copied and distributed to friends or family members. Click here for enquiries regarding Cine to DVD transfers.

Other Cine Transfer Service and Cine Film Conversion Options explained:
Cine to avi
Cine to avi transfers represent not only an ideal way to edit one's movies, but also act as an invaluable back-up. Click here for enquiries regarding Cine to avi transfers.

Cine to Quicktime
Cine to quicktime transfers are ideal for MAC users; click here for enquiries regarding Cine to quicktime transfers.

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Facts about film:

The sophisticated nature of Matches: An Appeal was not equalled for a while, with subsequent creations in animation limited to short, two or three frame shots, e.g. Edwin Stanton Porter's 1902 short film "Fun in a Bakery Shop", involving a lump of dough grinning over a three-frame sequence.

New Revival Frame by Frame Scanning System for Cine Film Transfer for Tunbridge Wells
If you are concerned about the quality of the file that you'll be looking to edit once we've completed our transfer of your material, you'll be pleased to know that after many months of development, we are now proud to present our new Revival Frame by Frame Scanning System which, combined with our new processes, delivers amazing results. These are available for Standard 8, Super 8 and 16mm Film Formats. The frame by frame telecine scanners themselves form only part of the equation since they require to be used with a series of tailor configured broadcast and studio equipment to ensure crystal clear results. Although our customers had been pleased by our services so far, the feedback following this process release has been very pleasing indeed.

DIY Editing of Your Home Movie Conversion - Take Complete Control!
Due to the huge increase in customers looking to take greater control over their material, we are often asked for an additional edit friendly version, via cine to avi or cine to quicktime transfers. To assist those customers aiming to go down this road, we have produced a free guide to editing which our customers have found both useful and time saving!

In most cases, and especially in the case of a cine film transfer, people are keen to perform simple tasks such as the re-ordering of their material and the removal of unwanted elements. If you request an edit friendly version to be supplied, you'll be able to perform these tasks, and many more besides, once you've enjoyed the benefits of our telecine services.

History of Cine Film

The Fujifilm Single-8 system

Fujifilm of Japan formulated a different format known as Single-8, which was unveiled in 1965 as an alternative choice to the Kodak Super 8 format.
Single-8 reels are of a antithetical design from a Super 8 reel, looking like a cassette-style design (supply and take-up reels next to one another), as compared to Super 8's coaxial cartridge design (a single reel on top of the other). Consequently, Single-8 film cartridges can just be deployed in Single-8 cameras. On the other hand, the film loaded in a Single-8 cartridge has precisely the same specifications as Super 8 (though it is built out of a thinner & stronger polyester base, instead of the acetate base of Super 8 film), and can be watched in any Super 8 projector after processing. Fuji, conversely, advised that only tape splices be utilised when mixing Single-8 footage and Super-8, as cement would harm the Single-8 footage. Furthermore, when stuck, Single-8 footage had a habit of enlarging in the projector, as opposed to the acetate-based Super-8 film, which just snapped.

While never as fashionable as Super 8, the format subsisted in parallel. On 2 June 2009 Fuji proclaimed the finality of Single-8 motion picture film. Fuji RT200N (tungsten balanced 200 ASA) will stop being made by May 2010. Fujichrome R25N (daylight balanced 25 ASA) will stay acquirable until March 2012. Fuji's in-house processing service will keep being acquirable right up to September 2013.
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