Our Revival Telecine Technology

We have spent many years perfecting the art of film transfer.

We have done so with the knowledge that as every year goes by, so does the opportunity to exploit new technologies and hence to even further refine the quality of our cine film transfers.

When we asked our customers in a recent survey, what was it that they held to be most important when considering a partner to transfer their old cine film, the most uppermost concern was that we treat it with care and attention and that we transfer the media with the best quality possible.

We have always placed these two concerns at the heart of our operations.

The New Revival Frame By Frame Scannning System
After many months of development, we are now proud to present our new Revival Frame by Frame Scanning System which combined with our new processes, delivers amazing results.

These are available for Standard 8, Super 8 and 16mm Film Formats.

The frame by scanners themselves form only part of the equation since they require to be used with a series of our tailor configured broadcast and studio equipment to ensure crystal clear results.

Although our customers have been pleased by our services so far, the feedback following this process release has been nothing short of amazing.

What are the benefits of employing this new technology?

i) Tremendous Definition
By employing our new Frame by Frame Scanner, we scan one film frame at a time to give tremendous clarity.

ii) No Flickering
Our new electronic shuttering mechanism gives absolutely zero flicker in the video. This results in a smoother picture.

iii) We don’t film against a wall!
Your film will accordingly be sharper than elsewhere since we don’t project your film onto a wall and film it!

iv) Fresh Vibrant Colours:
Since the colours of film change over time, where we observe an obvious colour cast in the film, we’ll adjust it accordingly. This, though often time consuming, remains a manual process since we do trust the computers to do as good a job as our own eyes!

v) Care of Your Films
The new transport mechanisms take superb care of your film. This is particularly important when it comes to older films where the need the transport the film gently is vital.

The benefit is that your film will be returned to you in good condition and your understandable concerns that we take great care of your film will be honoured as ever by us.

Cine Film Transfer Prices and Options