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Convert Negatives to Digital Service

At Supaphoto, we’ve digitalised thousands of negatives. So just package them up, send them to us and we’ll take care of everything else. When finished, we’ll get them back to you in whatever way suits you best! – an easy to use memory stick, our simple Supaphoto Cloud download service or one of our lovely looking CDs in a beautiful presentation case.

Preserving the Past for the Future

The gift no-one will forget

1. Package Them Up

Just package up your material and send it to us. We can also optionally arrange for collection. Tracking gives peace of mind.

2. We’ll Lovingly Digitalise Them

We love what we do. We’ve carefully digitalised millions of memories over 20 years. You’ll get regular updates too.

3. View, Share & Enjoy

Once preserved, you can access them via our easy cloud download service. A simple memory stick or a lovely DVD. Just to view and listen or even have fun editing them!

Your Memories Preserved Forever - Ready for you to Share and Enjoy

Choose the best format for you and your loved ones

Super Safe USB Drive
Easy Supaphoto Cloud Download
Beautiful DVD

Convert Negatives to Digital Files

Our Negative Scanning Service


Most of us have a dusty shoebox or suitcase stuffed full of grimy old negatives and slides ancient photographs that have become faded, creased or covered in stains with the passage of time. Although they’ve been hidden away and neglected for ages, it’s a safe bet they’re a treasure trove of lost memories – moments that can never be captured again.


Maybe they feature wonderful shots of your children when they were young, your mum and dad smiling together on some happy occasion or a joyous family beach holiday that was full of fun and laughter, all images that bring a tear to the eye now. Those really were the days! But are you making the most of your priceless memories? There really isn’t much point in keeping them all to yourself, is there?, when so many other people would love to be sharing them with you. But how can you pass them on in their current state? Unless you decide to do something about it, they’re doomed to remain in that dusty old shoebox forever.

So you want to convert negatives to digital? Here’s a suggestion. Before your precious photographs deteriorate further and are lost forever in the mists of time, you should consider converting your negatives and slides to digital images compatible with the gadgets we use today. Make them easy to access and ready to share. It’s time to take them to Supaphoto – using our 35mm negative scanning service.

A new print produced from a scanned negative

With a little TLC, a digital negative can be manipulated to restore and enhance the original image and to produce as many beautiful, detailed enlargements as you could ever wish for.

Once your slide or negative has been digitised, it’s then easy to send copies around all your friends and family, so that your memories can never be lost, which is great for your peace of mind.

That way, everybody gets to share the enjoyment too.

Scan Old Negatives to Digital

The trouble with old pictures is that, with all the wear and tear they’ve been through, far too many of them look wrinkled and warped, mildewed and discoloured, in other words well past their sell-by date. When images lose their sparkle, it takes away a lot of the pleasure and enjoyment you get from looking at them and from sharing them with friends and family. You want to see everybody looking their best, don’t you? So, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could spruce them up and make them look all shiny and brand-new again? Well, the good news is that you can. That’s if you make the decision to have them digitised.

The amazing thing is that, once they’ve been colour corrected, re-cropped and had their gradations tweaked by experts, digital scans of negatives will often be sharper and better-looking than the original image. Incredible but true!

Here’s what you do if you want your family pictures and portraits to regain their past glory in a convenient format that can easily be viewed on today’s devices: pop them in the post to Supaphoto. As part of our service, we undertake restorative photo editing measures to reduce the damage caused by dust and scratches. With our professional care and attention, it’s even possible to restore faded colours to full brightness and bring back the full brilliance from the days of yore.

From the moment you get in touch with Supaphoto, your family photos will be in good hands, you’ll receive expert answers to any questions you may have about them and we’ll do our very best to make them all as good as new again (if not better). Before it’s too late, it’s easy to rescue your old slides, including scanning half frame negatives, 35mm negatives and photos from oblivion, and bring them banck up to date once more, so they work on smartphones, laptops and computers. All you have to do is contact Supaphoto. It’s the only way to make sure your memories last forever and, here’s the thing, you won’t have to break the bank to rescue them. The cost is very reasonable.

Convert Negatives to digital photos

Whether your images are on slides, negatives or printed on paper, black and white or in colour, 35mm, medium or large format, we specialise in converting them all into stunning, high-quality digital images that come with a beautiful crisp finish. You’ll be thrilled at the results.

Whatever condition your slides, negatives or loose photographs arrive in, Supaphoto will be able to make them look great again. We believe we can handle practically anything you can throw at us. Taking advantage of the years of experience we have gained from converting every variety of film media to digital, we can offer you the very best in image correction and Enhancement.

If an image is torn or badly cropped, we’ll iron out the rough edges on the scan. And as part of our painstaking, step-by-step process, we’ll automatically remove hair, dust and static from the original picture, scan it with all due care and attention, tweak the contrast and, by editing and retouching your original, ensure that detail and sharpness are the very best they can be.

35 mm Negative Scanning Services

Here at Supaphoto scanning b&w negatives is a particular passion of ours. The film scanners we use are sophisticated and they provide optimum quality.

High-end scanners not only supply longer dynamic range, they also give a more accurate colour balance and greater sharpness for your film negatives – in other words: better results all round.

As part of our slide scanning service our photolab will convert your film images to digital at an appropriate DPI (dots per inch) rate, which will invariably look great printed large. Once your negatives are scanned to digital we are able to offer copies in a number of digital formats. You can choose to receive your images on a CD, a DVD, a simple memory stick or a direct download. It’s entirely your choice.

We’ll digitally capture your black and white negatives and slides with pin-sharp scans and ‘low-noise’ images before sending them back to you in new, enhanced digital form together with your originals. We automatically adjust colours, brightness and control levels, so you get results that look great on any device. Feel free to ask us any questions. We are always available to talk you through any technical details.

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