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Our studio is based in Brighton. Typically our service involves designing photobooks for customers who are looking for a combination of initial photo scanning and thereafter the creation of the custom photo book itself from a variety of images - photos, slides, negatives and even sometimes other items such as holiday postcards. Your original material is always returned intact.

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Considerations Before We Create Photobooks
For example, you might have say 100 photos of holidays. We'll sit down with you to first understand your goal. Let's imagine that these are photos are of your family holidays through the years. You've already a good idea of their chronological order so you've ordered them into ten sections.

We'll hold your hand through the customisation options. Questions like 'what title and photo do you want on the cover or preceeding each section'? You might also have captions under each photo or a desire to have a particular type of book finish - say contemporary or perhaps a more traditional style. Then there are other considerations such as the layout in the book - i.e how many photos per page. Finally we'll ask you how many copies you'd like - perhaps it's a gift for various members of your family, your children, brothers and sisters or your wife or husband.

Preparation - For the Perfect Finish
Before any of the above decisions can be realised, our studio team have to focus on preparation to get the best results. This is because before we can produce your fantastic looking photobook, we have to ensure that all of your images are properly scanned at the right resolution, taking into account their sizes and type of image. For example you may have a combination of images - photos, slides, negatives and even sometimes paper items such as holiday postcards. These all have to be treated individually so that when they go to print they look fine. You may also choose to check the layout online too.

In summary, it's a great way to celebrate important events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more besides. You can customise your Photo Book online with text and choose from an array of decorative backgrounds, borders and embellishments to create a lasting memento or gift. These make an ideal gift for xmas, motherís day, fatherís day, birthdays, anniversaries or christmas present as a luxury photo book.

We enable you to you create the best photo books, we have a choice of beautiful, bespoke books, small and large that can easily be personalised. These range from wedding albums, engagement books, maybe a book covering a trip or one brimming with family photos or personal portfolios. Alternatively, it may be a corporate book that you are creating for your company as a gift for employees. Whatever your need, you can always count on receiving a superior looking book from Supaphoto complete with professional binding that comes in a handful of sizes - small, medium and large.

So why not experience the joy of creating a beautiful Photo Album by choosing us to work on your project today?

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