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DAT Tape Conversion

DAT Tape Conversion


Digital Audio Tapes (or DATs) emerged in the 1980s and were envisaged by their proponents as the successors to compact cassettes. DATs tend to be between 15 and 180 minutes in length, but tapes over 120 minutes usually cause problems. This is because the digital tape in DATs is very thin. For a recording on DAT to be longer than 120 minutes, the tape would have to be over 60 meters long!

DAT is a format which was mainly successful in the professional audio recording industry during the 1990s. However, the format never became commercially popular like CDs or cassette tapes. This was due to its high cost, but also due to widespread backlash from the music industry. This backlash was a product of the industry’s concern over the format’s capacity for creating high quality unauthorised copies. 

Despite these issues, the format was popular in Japan, and it remained widely used for recordings of live music. Production companies also adopted the format as a medium for recording high quality masters. They then released the songs to the public on CDs, as these were a much more widely used format. 

Sony ceased production of DAT in late 2005. For this reason, it has become increasingly difficult to access recordings in this format. Digitisation has become essential to the conservation of DAT media. 

Not only has it become difficult to find the media on which to play DAT. Archivists are often concerned about the speed of degradation of DAT magnetic tape. Unfortunately, the format is particularly susceptible to what is called sticky-shed syndrome. 

How to Digitise DAT Tapes

At Supaphoto we have over 10 years of experience in digitising DAT tapes. DAT (Digital Audio Tapes) are similar to Compact Cassettes, but about half of the size. Due to the thinness of the format’s magnetic tape, DAT transfers require a particularly delicate conversion process. 

You may have considered learning how to digitize DAT tapes. That way, you can convert them yourself and save a few pennies. Trust us, we understand. However, we would advise you to consider your options and risks first.

The risk of damaging your tapes by using the wrong equipment is high. This is particularly the case if you haven’t been storing your DAT tapes safely. Exposure to humid or dusty environments can cause the tapes to degrade and become brittle. 

Our team of professional media converters have years of experience under their belts. Most importantly, across the years, we have invested in state of the art equipment to ensure the quality transfers. Our audio tape transfers are well regarded by our thousands of happy customers. You are welcome to take a look at some of our reviews. 

DAT tapes to CD

We offer several options for audio cassette transfers to digital format. For DAT cassettes, we can transfer to CD or to a digital file. You are welcome to mix and match conversion formats. 

If you choose to have your DAT tapes converted to digital file you will have two options. The first option is for us to put your files onto a memory stick or USB drive. The second option involves receiving a link through which you can download your files. 

Once on your local computer, you can transfer them to a data storage system of your choice. And of course, you can copy them or share them with as many people as you want.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our DAT to Digital service. Our friendly staff are always happy to have a chat. 

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