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Document Scanning Service

Document Digital Scanning services is the best way to make the information you have in your business quickly and easily accessible to any and every employee whom requires access.

Hiring a records scanning service to convert your paper files to digital will empower your employees, increase their productivity, improve your business processes and eliminate waste
. If you're looking to eliminate the lost time and costs associated with locating and storing paper documents, you've come to the right place.

Many companies do not have the software or hardware needed to scan sometimes huge batches of paper documents. In such cases, instead of doing away with digital documentation, companies can just hire document scanning services to scan their documents and convert them into text searchable files.

Document scanning services also provides several benefits. In addition to converting paper documents into image files, they also render image files text searchable. This function is quite important since image files created by scanners are not text searchable. (they are essentially photographs of paper documents in effect).

When a letter is scanned the resulting image file cannot be searched for text, it cannot be extracted. Furthermore, when image files or PDFs created as a result of scanning are inserted into a database, they do not surface when the database is searched as they are not indexed and their text cannot be therfore searched.

Digital scanning services also ensures that rates of accuracy are kept high by employing batch scanners and the top OCR software available. We also have to have to check documents for recognition errors. The objective is to achieve 100% accuracy rates.

It also benefits companies by reducing the amount of storage space needed which in turn can be rented out or put to another use.

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Our Process Explained for You:
Supaphoto Scanning Advantages:
Instant Access:
Scanned documents can be accessed at a click of a mouse
Remote Work:
Documents can be accessed remotely, through the internet or a local network, allowing flexibility in location
More financially viable
Document scanning has proven time and time again to be highly cost effective with prices from pennies per sheet.
Saving on office costs
Improvements in efficiency and less ink and paper costs create a more economical office saving considerable money.
Efficiency and time-saving
Digital files can be indexed and searched for more easily, increasing time efficiency and allowing to focus on the work that matters
Simpler to manage
A computerised system allows for easier access and sorting, and avoiding sorting through physical files will increase employees' morale
Frees office space
Once scanned , documents can be recycled, freeing much needed space in your offices.
Environmentally friendly
Less paper and less ink is better for the environment; this will add to staff morale, and improve your social responsibility standing

Our team will collect your files the next day if required, providing various methods of storage during transportation.
Document Preparation
Before scanning, we inspect and sort through the files, removing staples and tags; this guarantees a smoother scanning process and produces better quality results. Our focused preparation ensures minimal problems at the post-scanning stage.
The Scanning Process 
At Supaphoto, we take quality very seriously, using cutting edge technology and the latest scanning software to produce the best quality images for you, in your preferred format (PDF, TIFF, JPEG, etc).

We scan all sizes of sheet, providing a flexible and tailored response to your needs. 
We index the scanned documents, using relevant criteria such as Title, Address, Name, Ref number, date of order etc. Indexing provides you with the means to introduce a clearer, more efficient system (see advantages across the page).
Storage Mediums
The scanned data may be returned in CD or DVD formats, or on a USB drive if necessary.

For confidential documents, encryption can be requested and is advised.

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