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What is Minidisc?


Minidisc is a digital audio recording format developed by Sony in the early 1990s. The format features a minidisc recording disk (imagine a tiny Compact Disk). This is permanently housed in a square cartridge similar to a computer floppy disk.
The minidisk allowed for the digital recording, compression, and re-recording of audio information. It found wide scale popularity in Japan during the early to mid 1990s. 

Minidisc players allowed for basic recording and editing of audio information on portable devices. Minidiscs came in both recordable and pre-recorded formats which meant that they
Served as both a method of consuming audio and producing original audio recordings.The format was later discontinued by Sony in 2013. 

The Importance of Minidisc Transfers

Like many old recording technologies, minidisc formats become increasingly unstable and liable to decay as they age. This is particularly true for the minidisc due to its method of recording. This makes it susceptible to magnetic decay where contact with magnetic elements will severely damage or entirely erase the original recording.

The fact that minidisc players have been discontinued since 2013 means that finding working technology to use minidiscs is becoming ever more difficult. Add to this the fact that many older machines are also likely to have become damaged. These are likely to damage any disks played on them. 

Safeguarding your Minidisc Recordings

The factors explained above mean that the digital transfer of audio recordings made onto minidiscs is necessary to ensure the safety and playability of these recordings. At it’s high point, the format of player was considered to be a market contender to CD players, but unfortunately, minidiscs never became as popular.

Our Minidisc to mp3 Service

At Supaphoto our capable technicians are able to transfer your old minidisc recordings into digital format to ensure their continued safety. Through our specialist digital recording software we can retrieve the audio information stored on your minidiscs. We then transfer it into a digital format compatible with modern audio devices. 

Once transferred into a digital file format your recordings can be put on any digital storage device. Examples of digital storage devices include an mp3 player or external hard drive. 

Then It’s as simple as connecting these devices to your PC or Mac via the USB port and copying the files. Once you have them on your local computer, you can store and enjoy them at your pleasure.

Our team understands that audio content should be lost just because a piece of technology becomes obsolete. When planning mini disc transfers, we take pride in our ability to bring life back into audio recordings and the important memories they contain. This helps us to prevent the loss of our audio history. 

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