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Photo Album Scanning Service

At Supaphoto, we’re passionate about photo album preservation and we love what we do. Send your collection of family memories to us, and we’ll be sure to preserve them to the highest standard of quality. We can then deliver the scans to you through a Supaphoto cloud digital download, on a DVD in a presentation case, or on a memory stick. We also offer an album reconstruction service, where we can provide hand-bound high-quality photo albums of your digitised memories.

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1. Package Them Up

Just package up your material and send it to us. We can also optionally arrange for collection. Tracking gives peace of mind.

2. We’ll Lovingly Digitalise Them

We love what we do. We’ve carefully digitalised millions of memories over 20 years. You’ll get regular updates too.

3. View, Share & Enjoy

Once preserved, you can access them via our easy cloud download service. A simple memory stick or a lovely DVD. Just to view and listen or even have fun editing them!

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Album Scanning Service

Professional Photo Album Scanning


Photo albums are the places that we store many of our most precious memories. Birthdays, Weddings and baby photos all find their way between the pages of photo books and become a place to share our lives with our loved ones. 

We all know the pleasure of turning the pages of old photo albums filled with memories, but these well-loved books often become fragile with age, exposing their contents to potential damage or loss.

At Supaphoto we offer the solution to this problem through our professional photo scanning service to deliver you digital and newly printed versions of your beloved photo albums.  

We can also produce photo books  to protect your photo albums and to reproduce them to share with friends and family as a personalised photo album for example. You’ll see from our many google reviews that people have a good experience of our service.

If you’re looking to commemorate a special memory or to bring your old photo albums back to life through professional book printing we’re confident that a Supaphoto photo album will make the perfect gift whatever the occasion.

To bring you the best service our experienced photo scanning technicians work to ensure that the photos will be in the best possible condition before they are scanned. Before we begin the process of digitising your photos, our team will take the time to prepare them to make sure that your book will be exactly what you need.

We know that many photo albums are filled with precious bits and pieces connected with the photos we take. Our photo album scanning service will take care of your needs. 

We will take your loose photos or pages and scan to produce high quality digital images which can then be gathered to create a photo book of your choosing. This process not only gives you a digitised copy of your original photographs for safe keeping but also helps restore the faded colour that physical photographs lose over time.

With you we will then produce a bespoke package of your favourite photos to suit your individual needs. This might even include baby scan photos, an ultrasound picture or high resolution ultrasound scans. Mothers rightly cherish their first ultrasound photo and we will take good care of them too.

In most cases, we’re simply asked to reproduce as best as possible the pages within an album as faithfully as possible – including the original layout. This is important to most customers. Collections of photo albums were often created over many years in most cases and were arranged in a set order. Another feature that we see quite often, is that pages will sometimes include handwritten notes that often relate to multiple images on the same page. 

Personalised Photo Books

In many cases, we’re asked to take the albums and produce a set of individual scans from them into a digital format at a quality file size. We  can also scan the reverse of the images too for a nominal extra fee. Increasingly, we’re asked to carry out both full page and individual scans. A typical resolution would be 300 dpi or 600 dpi or more depending on the project. We sometimes opt for a higher resolution too. This gives our customers a high degree of flexibility over what they can do thereafter.

Please note that we can optionally remove each original photo from your album and scan them individually before placing the images back into your albums. Most of the time, we’re asked to return them to envelopes. Again if the images are stuck in albums and we’re not sure that they can be safely removed without tearing them, our basic position is to scan them in situ so as to ensure that your precious photographs are not damaged. 

We offer a wide variety of options to fit your needs. Whether you’re wanting to combine loose photographs into a printed personalised photo book, produce copies of much loved existing albums, carry out photo printing or simply ask us to scan photographs, it’s likely we’ve got options for you. 

Proudly chosen to scan Sir Richard Attenborough’s personal collection of never-before-seen photographs

Over the years, we’ve scanned thousands of photographs from prestigious multi album sets going as far back as early 1900’s for famous British politicians. We’ve also scanned the whole of Sir Richard Attenborough’s  personal collection of never-before-seen photographs, notes and more besides spanning his extraordinary life and career. These were accepted by Sussex University in lieu by HM Government from the Attenborough family)

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