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Photo and Photo Album Scanning Service

Portraits, photos, documents, and albums in your collection tell the fabulous and unique story of your family. These are most likely some of the most treasured possessions.  That’s why, here at Supaphoto, we take great pride in ensuring that we provide the best possible scanning service and tailor it to your specific needs.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t use the one size fits all approach when it comes to scanning; we generally use the best equipment we can in order to get the highest quality product possible to ensure that you can enjoy your memories to the highest possible standard.

A family’s story should be passed down through generations through the media of photographs. Just picture your children or grandchildren learning what their family has done throughout the years and looking at all the fond memories. There’s nothing that beats that lovely feeling – their eyes telling you that they’d love to understand who all of these older people are! – like Grandad when he got stuck in his old-fashioned inflatable rubber ring or when Granny burnt the turkey that everyone was so looking forward to! 

To ensure that these happy memories simply don’t fade away slowly from generation to generation, here are some of our top tips and recommendations when it comes to scanning photos and albums.

Scanning Photos and Albums

Everybody is so busy in life. People take photos constantly – at weddings at school events on holiday!  What we have seen over the years is that when all of these photos are added into, say, an album, people often like to have the images scanned together to maintain their original look and feel as well as the original layout. 

Your family story will often include larger oversized portraits, documents as well as photo albums. It’s a truly unique family legacy that really deserves a high degree of personalisation to make sure that the experience is tailored to your needs without any loss of quality.  We do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach I’m afraid – such as photo scanning services that are fast and cheap.

Your family story is so precious. It’s passed down through so many generations – a lovely legacy that needs to be handled with care – It’s documented through photographs and photo albums but also through moving pictures such as cine film or videos and even audio formats such as reel to reel or compact cassettes. 

Tips on Scanning Oversized Photos

The most common photo sizes are typically smaller than 8.5-by-11 inches. Actually, that’s the largest size that most flatbed scanners can handle – in fact some items need more space to scan them.  We are happy to offer our advice and recommendations on scanning larger photos at Supaphoto!

If you do send much larger photos and documents, well, it will be time to employ one of our larger dedicated scanners and operators. There are many types of images that are typically sent in including:

Slides (some people may find it interesting read a little on slides through the centuries)
Large family portraits with the extended family
Framed images
Drawings that your children have made
Travel tickets from holidays
Maps & guides
Brochures from maybe hotels you’ve stayed at
Letters from loved ones
Genealogy images

And if you’re still keen to maintain albums going forward – no problem. There are many interesting albums that you can purchase online – for example on etsy .  A great site for personalised new ones by the way is hobbycraft

So you see – there are so many candidates for large format scanning. Many customers that look for photo album scanning near me simply don’t realise how many oversized items they have that could form part of their lovely story. Rest assured that we’re good at what we do – our team will guide you through the whole process and take care of your needs. How to proceed – Just get it all together and give us a call – we can guide you through the options and even visit to assess where feasible. Alternatively, take a trip to Supaphoto now.