Photo Scanning

Supaphoto is a dedicated nationwide service for scanning and digitising photographs and slides as well as photo editing and photo restoration.

Our clients range from prestigious institutions, film companies to the general public.

Our studio is equipped with broadcast quality equipment to achieve best results. Safety of handling is a top priority.

On larger orders, we always strive to give a greater discount. 

So call us now for some no-obligation, jargon-free advice on 0800 690 6160!

Photo Scanning

Supaphoto Nears it’s 20 Year Anniversary! - With 000’s of Satisfied Photo Scanning Customers

Supaphoto Ltd is an established company of almost 20 years now.  We’ve thousands of happy clients ranging from countless private individuals to prestigious institutions, museums and film production companies. Over the years, we’ve accumulated countless positive reviews regarding photo scanning from happy clients and it would be a privilege if you became our next customer.

No job is too large or even too small. We are used to converting anything from a single photograph to thousands.

Photographic Formats that We Convert

There aren’t many types of image that we don’t convert. From photo scanning, slide scanning and negative scanning, we’ll cover most peoples needs.

What kind of prints do we scan?

Photo to Digital Conversions
We specialise in scanning loose photographs and photo albums but also prints, letters, documents, posters, certificates, postcards and even tickets! We also provide professional photo editing and photo restoration services.

Slide Scanning
We specialise in scanning 35mm slides, 35mm half frames slides, 110 slides, 126 slides and glass slides

Negative Scanning
We also scan negative film such as 35mm , 120 film, 110 film, 126 film, 127 film, plus disc film and APS films

Common print brands we are handle – Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, Boots, Ilford & more
Whatever the brand, we’re used to handling them.

Supaphoto's Photo Scanning Advantadges

Here are just a few of the reasons why people choose Supaphoto everyday. You won’t be disappointed.

Security of Handling

We take security of handling very seriously

Free Services

Free cropping, rotating, and colour correction when necessary

Optional Advanced Service

Ideal for customers with material that needs more tender loving care

Choice of Output

Chose between Digital Files or DVD or go for a dual media safety pack

Supaphoto Quality

Put simply, our objective is always to scan your images as faithfully as possible with no artefacts added. We retain a lot of depth and detail to enable any other ideas you may have next (i.e. enlargements, uploading to Facebook or the creation of lovely coffee table hardback photobooks)

We're Easy to Deal With

Understanding your goals and future-proofing your decision

When a customer is gracious enough to make an enquiry, we don’t leap to any conclusions as to their end goal. That’s because we’ve learnt over time that people make initial enquiries with a variety of objectives in mind. Understanding this helps get things right the first time and help future-proof their decision. Without this initial consultation, it’s easy to leave the client in a position where certain undiscussed goals might not be met.

A good example of this is where a client’s photographs are in a poor condition and would like them improved but is not sure to what extent they can be improved. Alternatively, it could be where the aim is to reproduce the albums as stylish printed photo books.

That’s one of the reasons why we’re different at Supaphoto – We’re determined to meet your needs the first time around, whether they are small or large in ambition.

Commonly Requested Options

i) Scanning of individual images

In most cases, we’re simply asked to reproduce as best as possible the photos as faithfully as possible – including the original order. This is important to most customers since their collection of photo albums was created over many years in most cases and was arranged in chronological order.

ii) Capturing of written notes

Another feature that we see quite often, is that pages will sometimes include handwritten notes. We can also capture these – even if written on the reverse. These notes are sometimes the last record of who the person was or where and when the photo was taken after all.

iii) Where requested, we can also transcribe any notes too 

For a small extra fee, these can be supplied separately and applied as metadata to help boost the organisation of the files. This gives our customers a high degree of flexibility over what they can do thereafter.

Advanced Service

Superior Service

Sometimes we’re asked to offer a superior level of service to accommodate customer’s specific needs.

A Variety of Requests 

We are used to dealing with a variety of requests in respect of photo scanning, especially where there are many needs that our clients sometimes want to be met. 

A number of services

This might relate to a number of elements including lifting image colours, contrast, restoration, broadcast-quality resolution, creating multiple copies or even creating a bespoke film out of the images with audio commentary as an overlay.

Either way, at Supaphoto, we are happy to customise our service to suit you.

Photo Editing and Restoration

We also provide professional standard photo editing and photo restoration.

Formats we convert to

High – Resolution JPEGs

We invariably scan to high-resolution JPEGs. Sometimes these are simply referred to as JPG. It’s probably the most popular and compatible image format used. That’s a large reason why so many people use it nowadays.  JPEG also is the standard file format of most consumer quality digital cameras and is also supported by almost all of today’s imaging software. JPEG is also really great for creating smaller file sizes for uploading your images on the internet, or for use with e-mail. It’s also a good choice because it’s very popular and likely to be around for a long time. We use maximum quality JPEG compression settings that provide you with high-quality images.

TIFF Format

TIFF format is often the standard for most commercial and professional printing needs. It’s a good choice for archiving images when all detail must be preserved and file size is not so much of a consideration. TIFF files are by contrast very large in size compared to JPEGs because no compression at all is used. Let us know if this is your preferred option.

Our Slide Scanning Prices (35mm Mounted Slides)

1a. Standard Service

  • Prints Up to 6" x 4" - £0.49
  • Prints Between 6" x 4" - 10" x 8" (A4) - £0.99
  • Prints Between 10" x 8" - 16" x 11" (A3) - £2.99

1b. Advanced Service

  • Prints Up to 6" x 4" - £0.88
  • Prints Between 6" x 4" - 10" x 8" (A4) - £1.78
  • Prints Between 10" x 8" - 16" x 11" (A3) - £5.38

2. Output Variations

  • Copy on USB Memory Stick- £19.99
    An economical back-up set makes perfect sense
  • Copy of Files on CD/DVD in Presentation Case - £19.99
    An economical hard copy back-up set makes perfect sense to safeguard agains digital files getting lost or damaged
  • Dual Media Safety Pack - £29.99
    If you're not sure which output option to go for our dual media safety pack is ideal for future safekeeping

3. Enhancements

  • Upgrade to TIFF Scans - £0.10
    More Suitable for Archival Preservation. Good choice where an extra level of detail is required (Additional Cost Per Image)
  • Scan The Reverse of Images - £0.10
    This service is ideal for capturing any written notes and dates on the reverse of photographic prints
    (Additional Cost Per Image)
    Help future generations understand the background and context behind photos
  • Voiceover Service – Enquire
    You can bring your photos to life for future generations by adding a helpful audio commentary to your images as they appear one by one

4. Photo Restoration

  • Enhancements - £39.99
    (Retouching, light marks & blemishes, scratch removal, improved contrast & colours, red eye correction)
  • Enhance & Restore - £49.99 Additional work such as greater scratch and blemish corrections, enlargement and light tears (not facial)
  • Full Restoration - £69.99
    As enhance & restore option but with more detailed, time consuming work

    We simply ask to view and assess any images beforehand since it’s difficult to assess the amount of work needed without this step

No upfront payment needed either! All prices include return delivery – tracked for peace of mind

Oh!.. and we often offer discounts for larger orders – so call us now..!

Give us a ring today on Freephone 0800 690 6160 or drop us a line

For any type of image not listed above including 35mm slides, 35mm negatives110 film, 126 film, 127 film,120 film disc film and APS films, please contact us for prices

Nb. We also digitalise Transparencies, Photo Albums, Videos Tapes, Cine Film & Audio Tapes & Cassettes and provide photo editing and photo restoration services.

One of Supaphoto's Proudest Photo Scanning Moments

Being Chosen to Scan Sir Richard Attenborough's Personal Collection of Photographs

When the University of Sussex approached us to scan and preserve the collection of photographs that they had inherited from film director Sir Richard Attenborough, we were so proud to have been chosen as their partner in this prestigious project. Now thousands of never-before-seen photographs and other material spanning Richard Attenborough’s extraordinary life and career are now at the fingertips of students, researchers and the public, thanks to a new archival collection. We frequently come across interesting  items such as the photo wallets to the right. Over the years, we’ve scanned thousands of photographs from prestigious multi album sets going as far back as early 1900’s for famous British politicians to the photo albums and movies of famous TV and movie stars.

Enjoy Our Photo Scanning & Examples Video

Why Choose Supaphoto?

Because you can trust us to take care of your memories as if they were our own

1st Class Quality

Supaphoto’s safe and dedicated studio has been designed with the goal of digitising films to an extremely high standard.

Our latest HD cine film scanners employ broadcast-quality features which result in a stunning finish.

Our clients range from prestigious institutions, TV production companies to thousands of satisfied private individuals. Just take a look on Google to see or reviews!

Simple Process

We know that your investment is one of the most memorable gifts you will give to yourself and your family.

With this in mind, we’ve done everything we can to make the process as simple as possible for you.

We are always happy to speak on the phone and help you through the process.

And by the way – we do our best not to use jargon.

Peace of Mind

For over 15 years, we’ve been transferring your memories with passion and dedication.

At the centre of what we do is a safe handling policy that we take very seriously.

Rest assured that we’ll take good care of your precious material, regularly updating you along the way.

We understand that this is an important decision for you.

We're a Passionate Team

We love what we do and care deeply about what it means to you  

Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Supaphoto Ltd is an established company of almost 20 years with 000s of happy customers

Your Happiness Matters

If you are not satisfied with the results, nor are we. That’s the Supaphoto way

Today's Service Feature Focus - Photo Album Scanning Service

We're a Passionate Team

When it comes to photo album scanning, you can chose between having each photo individually scanned or having the whole page reproduced to maintain the original look and feel. Many clients choose both

Reproduced in Great Quality

We’ve been doing this for many years so understand fully what’s needed to get a good quality result. There are many considerations to make when scanning photo albums but rest assured that we always prioritise quality

Have Fun With Next Steps

Once we’ve carefully digitalised your albums, you’ll be able to have fun doing a variety of things – Simply viewing them on your computer, sharing them, printing them or even converting into beautiful photo books

Make Yourself a Cuppa and Watch our Services Video

Trusted Parner to Thousands of Private Individuals, Institutions & TV Production Companies

Private Individuals

We’ve helped 000s of private individuals to share, preserve and enjoy their films over the years

Museums and Other Institutions

We’ve had the honour of converting countless films and recordings for prestigious museums too

TV & Film Production Companies

We’re proud to have been chosen by numerous film production companies over the years

Typical reasons our customers convert their films


Old media decays over time, by transferring it soon you can save your memories from fading away

i) Preserving their material

As film fades over time, the sooner you do it, the better generally. Film fades over time whereas digital files do not. Preservation is always one of the biggest reasons why people digitise their films. The magic of photographs is that they truly capture the special events in your life – from when your child is born to its first steps and onto school. But pictures simply don’t last forever and can easily fade and deteriorate, losing the rich colours and details they once had. The only way to truly preserve these wonderful moments in time is to scan photos to digital.


If you digitise your media and put it on formats where it can be viewed, you can share your media with friends and loved ones.

ii) Sharing

Sometimes it’s a simple as being able to view their material again. You can also easily share your films over the internet at zero cost so there’s often no need at all to make expensive copies. It’s also so much more convenient to view your images on a large TV screen, computer, or even in the form of newly printed photo books without loose images falling out onto the floor.

There are many others types of photo gifts that people with their scanned images! Typical examples include photobooks, prints, canvas prints, and wall art with more besides.

Our services are also often used when people are considering giving gifts. We frequently see customers create photo books for special birthdays with first photos of when they were born! Often it’s for weddings or Christmas presents. The list goes on. Whatever your idea, with a little bit of planning, you’ll be able to impress your friends and family with a photo gift that’s unique. Make your family’s smiles last for many years to come!


Once your media is in digital format you can have fun editing it!

iii) Enjoying
There’s so much fun that you can have once your photos have been digitalised.  You can really take control over your family archive!

Looking at old photos that make your smile will only have a positive effect on your health and help bring your friends and family together to trigger healthy physical and emotional changes in the body! 

Here are just a few of the most common projects that our customers have fun with:

– Organising your films into logical groups
– Renaming each file and placing in date order
– Improving the images – for example making them lighter or darker

– Creating your own shiny new printed photo books – no more loose images falling out onto the floor
– Uploading them to your social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Dropbox, etc or family tree sites
– Creating your own family slideshow with titles per image, fading in and out of each other
– Overlaying your own audio commentary to bring your images to life!

– They can be loaded onto a digital photo frames

– New prints can be made

Don’t Just Take our Word For it...

“Just had my photo albums scanned by Supaphoto, cannot praise them enough”

Zac A. Amazing Results!

“Highly recommend Supaphoto. Very professional individual service, great results”

Deborah O. Great Results!

“Highly recommend and sorting through more memories for them to preserve. Thanks”

James J. Highly Recommended!

“Very professional service, very helpful… and the quality was second to none! Many Thanks”

Mike B. Very Professional Service!

“Fantastic door to door service, slides, cine films and all sorts at a great price converted to the highest quality”

Simon Y. Highest Quality!

“So grateful to be able to look on these old family films after the recent passing of my grandparents. Thank you!”

Callum Y. So Grateful!

    Helpful, friendly, jargon-free but zero obligation advice!

    Supaphoto has been in this area for many years now so are well positioned to give you first rate advice that will often save you spending more than you need to. Likewise we’re often advising people about steps they can take after we’ve return their material to them – for example how to edit and share their digitalised material with their family after we have carried out the work.

    Whenever we help people this in this way, Supaphoto takes a huge amount of pride ourselves in explaining things in jargon-free simple terms – it’s another example of what makes Supaphoto different.

    Photo Gift Ideas

    There are so many different ways to convert your images into lovely gifts: – Photobooks – Prints – Canvas prints – Calendars – Mugs – Wall art – Phone cases – Gift cards

    Cine Gift Occasions

    There are also multiple types of occasion that the slides can be used for – Wedding  gifts – Christmas Gifts – Birthday gifts – Mother’s day gifts – Father’s day gifts – Valentine’s gifts – Anniversary gifts – Gifts for Friends

    Make the magic happen! – Contact us now!
    Just call us on Freephone 0800 690 6160 to discuss our cine film transfer service or email us for further information. And remember to ask about possible discounts on larger quantities!

    Just Some of our Valued Clients