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Cheap Photo Scanning Service

We have a wide variety of different solutions for you from scanning prints to creating old fashioned mounted slides from digital images.

We strive to offer you the UK's best value image scanning and media conversion service.
We're highly organised with workflows that deliver the optimum quality of output for still images and moving pictures.
Our scanning service incorporates everything that is required, including manual cleaning of your media and careful file management to maintain the organisation of your resulting media files. Most importantly, our processes involves manual post-processing by professionals– not lazy push button “auto-enhance” via software.

We have benchmarked our prices and are confident you won’t find cheaper rates for a comparable level of service.

Enquire now! or call us on Freephone 0800 690 6160.

Clients Include: At minimal extra cost we offer you an online gallery that you can share with friends and family and a download link that can also be shared if desired.

Of course you'll also invariably receive a DVD containing your post-processed scan and video files. To add further value, we can also personalise the disk with images from your order, for an easy understanding of its contents.

We are always looking for ways to improve the value of our service. You no longer need to wait for your disc to arrive.

If you are not satisfied with our deliverables, let us know and we will make any possible improvements.
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Helpful List of Scanning Terms:

Bit depth (1-bit, 8-bit, 24-bit)
The amount of information (black and white or color) a computer can discern for each bit of an image. 1-bit is black and white (off or on), 8-bit is 256 "shades", "values" or "levels" of gray or 256 colors, 24-bit is millions of colors.

To select out an area of an image. Once an image is cropped, save the cropped version with a different name, retaining the original image.

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
A common graphic file format on the World Wide Web; used by online services and Web browsing software, GIFs contain information compressed into a relatively small file size and may display faster than other formats.

A system of displaying images in gray tones (or "levels of gray"), simulating the continuous gray tones of a photograph. To achieve grayscale, a monitor must be able to display 2 to 16 bits of information per pixel. This allows the monitor to display a black or white pixel as well as several values between black and white.

Image file size
The amount of computer storage space a file requires; usually measured in kilobytes (K) or megabytes (M, MB, mgs or "megs"). An image file that is 5 x 7 inches, 8-bit gray (as in a black and white photo), resolution 300dpi, is 3M in size. (A floppy disk holds 1.3M.)

Image size
The physical dimensions of the image as measured in the small squares (pixels) of a computer screen; an image filling a "typical" computer screen (13 inch diagonal) would be 640 x 480 pixels; compare to image file size above.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts group)
Pronounced "JAY-peg", a graphic file format that compresses information about many colors (up to 16 million) in the image into a smaller file

Output resolution
The detail and clarity (achieved by closeness of dots) with which the image will be displayed or printed (dependent on the capability of the display or printing device).

The glass surface of a flatbed scanner.

Ppi (pixels per inch)
Measure of resolution for a monitor.
See also: Dpi (dots per inch)

An expression of image size; the sharpness and clarity of an image, achieved by the closeness of the dots that make up the image. Resolution is expressed for the scanner as samples per inch (spi), for the screen as pixels per inch (ppi), for the printer as dots per inch (dpi). Most people say "dots per inch" when speaking of scanning resolution, (although technically this is not accurate). The more data per inch (samples, pixels, dots) the higher the resolution of the image and the better looking the image will be. Most screens display at a resolution of 72 pixels per inch. Most laser printers print at 300 or 600 dpi. Higher resolution image files are much larger than low resolution image files, so only save a high resolution image if you need to (such as for archiving). You will need a high resolution image if you are going to print the image in a paper publication and/or enlarge all or any part of the image on screen or on paper.

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
A type of graphic file format developed for scanning. TIFFs are bitmapped graphics that can contain lots of information about each bit or pixel. TIFFs can be read by both Macintosh and PC/Windows applications, such as PageMaker and QuarkXpress. If you think you will ever print your image in a book or publication of any kind, you will want to save a copy of your image as a TIFF. Because TIFFs save a lot of information about each pixel, they can be very large files.

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