1. Choose Type of Service

  • Prints Up to 6" x 4"
    Standard: £0.49 - Advanced: £0.88
  • Prints Between 6" x 4" - 10" x 8" (A4)
    Standard: £0.99 - Advanced: £1.78
  • Prints Between 10" x 8" - 16" x 11" (A3)
    Standard: £2.99 - Advanced: £5.38

2. What Do You Want Back?

  • Copy on USB Memory Stick- £19.99
    An economical back-up set makes perfect sense
  • Copy of Files on CD/DVD in Presentation Case - £19.99
    An economical hard copy back-up set makes perfect sense to safeguard against digital files getting lost or damaged
  • Dual Media Safety Pack - £29.99
    If you're not sure which output option to go for, our dual media safety pack is ideal for future safekeeping

3. Optional Enhancements

  • Upgrade to TIFF Scans - £0.10
    More Suitable for Archival Preservation. Good choice where an extra level of detail is required (Additional Cost Per Image)
  • Scan The Reverse of Images - £0.10
    This service is ideal for capturing any written notes and dates on the reverse of photographic prints
    (Additional Cost Per Image)
    Help future generations understand the background and context behind photos
  • Voiceover Service – Enquire
    You can bring your photos to life for future generations by adding a helpful audio commentary to your images as they appear one by one
  • Enhancements – £39.99
    (Retouching, light marks & blemishes, scratch removal, improved contrast & colours, red eye correction)
  • Enhance & Restore – £49.99 Additional work such as greater scratch and blemish corrections, enlargement and light tears (not facial)
  • Full Restoration – £69.99
    As enhance & restore option but with more detailed, time consuming work – greater scratch and blemish corrections, removal of difficult objects and tears and reconstruction in key areas

    We simply ask to view any images beforehand since it’s difficult to assess the amount of work needed without this step