Our DVD Slideshows Explained

A DVD Slideshow is a fantastic way of viewing your images on either a TV or your computer. It's a way of not only preseving your family memories but also easily sharing them with your friends and family.

An Opening menu such as the one below will introduce the show(s):

The DVD can consist of either a single show or one for each of a group of images.

Each slideshow can include a title of your choice as above.

Typically, the images will fade in and out of one another every five seconds and you can select the duration that each image will stay on the screen should you wish.

This sample shown here also includes an automatic 'pan and zoom' facility which you can optionally chose at no cost.

We can also optionally add free mood music should you like too!

An optional data version can be used to either make you own prints or for example manipulate and enhance your images digitally thereafter. Because we are scanning at such a resolution, you will benefit by being able to undertake detailed changes thereafter should you like.

Finally, we invariably customise your dvd with your own text and imagery to create that perfect finishing touch. At the end, it is all checked for purpose and quality before being approved for despatch. As for payment, this is only on completion.

Slide Scanning Prices and Options