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Client Testimonials

Welcome to supaphoto.com, a nationwide service for discerning people who require 1st class video/film transfer or digital photographic work to be carried out with care and attention.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our processes and personal service.
We have a long history in transferring film and our client list ranges from large museums, broadcast companies to the public. 

Mrs Galbraith's 16mm Black and White Cine Film

Please meet Mrs Galbraith (right), proud daughter of Mr George Henry Kempster who's film we transferred.
To quote Mrs Galbraith: We are absolutely delighted both both the results and the caring service.
General Assistance:
A Little History Behind the Cinematographer
Based at Arras in northern France, George joined in 1914 and became a Quartermaster Seargeant, making him responsible for the complex matter of supplying our troops with food and equipment. Belonging to the Bedfordshire Territorials Regiment, he was part of what the named as the 'Old Contemptibles'. In France from 1914-1916, like many, he suffered damage to his lungs from a gas attack in the Somme. On his return to England, he grew a highly successful business but continued to suffer from tuberculosis (a common result of gassing incidents is their weakening of one's resistance). His doctor advised fresh mountain air and no better a place than the beautiful town of Davos in Switzerland.

The Battle of the Somme
is famous chiefly on account of the loss of 58,000 British troops (one third of them killed) on the first day of the battle in July 1916, which to this day remains a one-day record. The attack was launched upon a 30 kilometre front, from north of the Somme river between Arras. On the 18th November, it was called off.

A New Hobby Employing Cutting Edge Technology!

George was very interested in the relatively new world of cinematography or motion pictures. He employed 16mm film.

16 mm film refers to a popular, economical gauge of film used in motion pictures. Other common film gauges include 8 mm and 35 mm. 16 mm refers to the width of the negatives.
16 mm film was introduced by Eastman Kodak in 1923 as an inexpensive amateur alternative to the conventional 35 mm film format. Snobishly, during the 1920s the format was often referred to as sub-standard film by the professional industry.

As it was intended for amateur use, for safety reasons 16 mm film was one of the first formats to use acetate safety film as a film base. Kodak never manufactured nitrate film for the format due to the high flammability of the nitrate base. 35 mm did not abandon nitrate until 1952. The silent 16 mm format was initially aimed at the home enthusiast. The addition of optical sound tracks and, most notably, Kodachrome in 1935, gave an enormous boost to 16 mm sales. The format was used extensively in World War II and there was a huge expansion of 16 mm professional filmmaking companies in the post-war years.

Initially as a news-gathering format, the 16 mm format was also used to create programming shot outside the confines of the more rigid television production sets. Thanks to the compact size and lower cost, 16 mm was adopted for use in news reporting, corporate and educational films, and other uses. By contrast, the home movie market gradually switched to even less expensive 8 mm film and Super 8 mm format. Single-perforation film only has perforations on one side of the film. The picture area of regular 16 mm has an aspect ratio close to 1.33, and 16 mm film prints use single-perf film so that there is space for a mono soundtrack where the other perf side would be on the negative.

What this brief movie consist of?
The film consists of a collection of snippets including a passing out ceremony in England, footage of arriving and hollidaying in Davos in 1935.

There are some wonderful scenes of George's family ice skating along with a beautiful clip of some birds that he filmed from his hotel balcony. (He was passionate about wildlife) We should like to take this opportunity to thank the Galbriath Family for making this material available.

Our work consisted of providing both master copies of the DVD together with native DV Mini DV format tapes for the purpose of editing. To open up and play Mrs Galbriath's movie, simply press 'Play Movie'.

Further Testimonials from around the UK & Abroad:
1. I am grateful to Supaphoto for digitising some medium format negatives from the 1930's. Andrew Dowsey, Fife Council Archive
Centre, Scotland. (Archival Scanning)
9. 'Thank you for your recent services. Our lifetime collection of some 3500 slides were taking up too much space! Now thanks to your excellent service and attention.. Don and Pat MacPherson, Halesowen.
(Slide Scanning)
  11. 'The whole process of getting this Cine Film to DVD done was much simplier than expected. I will recommend you to anyone. John Gregory, Bedfordshire. (Cine Film to DVD)
2. I was particuarly impressed by the speed of your service. Mr MacCloud, Glasgow. (Camcorder to DVD)
12.'Cine Film to DVD have always offered me a quality efficient service. Mrs Dot Whiteman. Kidwelly, Carms, Wales. (Camcorder to DVD)
3. 'When we get stuck, we turn to Supaphoto who have an impressive selection of obselete machines. Fairview Duplication (Obselete to DVD)
13. 'When I sent my photograph to you, I nver imagined that it could be restored to such an extent. Mrs Stoneham, Oxford. (Photo Restoration)
4. The colours were simply stunning. This is more better than i ever imagined. Mr Wilson, Belfast.
(Cine Film to DVD)
14. Thank you for your help with our project, the purpose of which was to create an oral history record of our area. Redbridge Borough Council,
Essex.  (Mini DV to DVD)
5. " Brilliant! . . . who could have thought that those old cine films in the attic could be re-lived and bring such joy to my children. Mrs Bennet, Kendall, Cumbria. (Cine Film to DVD)
15. "Dear Gisela, Just wanted to say a big thank you for the service we received. John Lalchin, Managing Director, Ambushed Group
Croydon (VHS to DVD/Editing)
6. 'The transfer to DVD by yourself is truly amazing. Mr R.Rigby - Retired Curriculum Inspector of Schools and Colleges. (Cine Film to DVD)
16. Thank you for a grand job.
All good wishes, Anne and John Purchese. Cantebury,Kent. (Cine Film to DVD and DVD Mastering)
7. 'Your companys service makes for a very satisfactory experience'. Patricia Beech, Sheffield. (VHS to DVD)
17. ..we are delighted and very pleased with the transfer of our home movies and wish you continued success with your business. Dennis and Mary Shirley, Bognor Regis, West Sussex. (Cine Film to DVD) 
8. 'If anyone has cine films in their possession, they should use Supaphoto to convert them as soon as possible'. Sharon Mc Nally, Dublin, Rep of Ireland. (Cine Film to DVD)
10. 10 out of 10 for your teams work on those films! It must have taken a while and i really appreciate it! Put simply, it looks quite fabulous. Mrs Mortimer, Norwich. (Editing)
18. Your help with our movie was invaluable. The editing was spot on and we'll definately leave in your teams capable hands next time.
Mr Perring, Devon (Editing)


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