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Useful Links

The following page is dedicated to providing our clients and visitors with a useful set of references for various aspects of film and cinematography.

We hope that you find it useful. If you have a site that you feel would be worth including, please contact us on info@supaphoto.com.

Cine Film Resources    
Robbies Reels  
Lots of 16mm films for sale and interesting film collecting history.
British Film Collectors Convention  
If you are interested in making movies there is no better place to track down cine cameras, splicers, editors, projectors etc. than the BFCC - the best and original film collectors convention.
Your source for high quality DVDs of classic films from Hollywood's golden age
Rocky Mountain Film   
Where to get film and processing for 8mm, Super-8 and 16mm movie cameras.
Cine Film Supplies  
The home of those hard to find cine film items.
Paul's 16mm Film Collecting Pages  
The website is intended to be used by the collector of 16mm films to aid in the identification of the various kinds of film stock that one is likely to encounter
Steve Schuler Collector's Resources  
Steve Schuler' film collecting pag 
Vintage Film Homepage  
The website is inteded as a focus point for film collectors and film enthusiasts
Urbanski Film  
Supplies for cine film fanatics
Foster Film & Collectibles  
Foster Films specialises in the selling of 16mm films, super 8 films, 35mm films and projectors. They also have a large range of accessories.
Phil's Vintage Movie Films and Collectibles  
If you need a movie projector then this is the right place. There are always lots of rebuilt, refurbished & guaranteed 8mm, super-8 and 16mm movie projectors available.
Silent Film Still Archive  
Here you can find original photos, advertising, and other memorabilia from silent films. 
Michael Rogge has complied a fascinating site with a great history of film gauges, and a listing of over 3000 film camera and projector models.
Classic Home Cinema  
A c ine film company dedicated to an alternative approach to the films that they produce and sell.   http://www.classichomecinema.co.uk/
Buckingham Film Services  
Film services  http://www.pathescope.freeserve.co.uk/bfv/bfv.htm
Cinema History  
 A Personal History of Cinema through the Decades  http://www.tc.umn.edu/~ryahnke/film/cinema.htm
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