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Video Editing Services

It’s quite easy to get your video editing project completed with Supaphoto. Perhaps you’d like to merge images and video together? Perhaps you have clips from various old films and you’d like to create a special compilation. Maybe you’d like to make parts lighter, darker or cut pieces out. Maybe you’d like a title, add your own music or voice over commentary. Whatever, you like to create, let us know and we’ll help you get here. 

Preserving the Past for the Future

The gift no-one will forget

1. Package Them Up

Just package up your material and send it to us. We can also optionally arrange for collection. Tracking gives peace of mind.

2. We’ll Lovingly Digitalise Them

We love what we do. We’ve carefully digitalised millions of memories over 20 years. You’ll get regular updates too.

3. View, Share & Enjoy

Once preserved, you can access them via our easy cloud download service. A simple memory stick or a lovely DVD. Just to view and listen or even have fun editing them!

Your Memories Preserved Forever - Ready for you to Share and Enjoy

Choose the best format for you and your loved ones

Super Safe USB Drive
Easy Supaphoto Cloud Download
Beautiful DVD

Video Editing

Personal Video Editing Services


Irrespective of whether you’re interested in creating a kind of ‘greatest hits’ of your family movies or to produce a lovely wedding video from the various films you’ve collated from a wedding, we’d love to help you with the editing and subsequent output to say a digital file or DVD and a nice presentation case. It would make the perfect present too.

We’ll also put time into creating a lovely product at the end of the process that you’ll retain and cherish for the rest of your life. 

Don’t tell us. Your precious photos and videos are all over the place and you’ve been thinking about that special project forever. How can I collate these wonderful memories into  a special present for my family? It’s somehow sad to think that all of those valuable images are tucked away in albums and never see the light of day until someone opens them up once in a while. 

That’s the thing right? Everyday, we take hundreds of videos on our mobile phones. Let’s add to that many types of video that were filmed in the past. Sometimes these were filmed on video cameras and on other occasions they were captured on good old fashioned 8mm or 16mm film using cine film cameras.maybe a wedding film?

Then add into the mix all of the photographs. Of course loads were taken by you on your mobile phone but so many will have been taken on good old fashioned 35mm still cameras. Perhaps that’s when you began to look for a wedding video editing service uk.

So there’s no need to clog up your phone memory anymore. Your old photos and videos are slowly deteriorating too so the sooner you act the better as well. There’s no time to lose really since the quicker you make a plan to use our personal video editing services, the more memories you’ll protect and share with your appreciative family. Stuck in a cupboard or memory card, your wedding images will remain unseen.

Once digitised, it’s so cheap and easy to make a second copy. This is the case whether it’s a slideshow of photos or videos that have been placed in a sequence.

Home Video Editing Services UK

Our video editing company can help you convert these memories with our family video editing services. The exciting thing is that there is a wide range of video editing services that we offer. For example:

  • Putting your items in a particular order
  • Adding a title at the beginning or a set points
  • Stabilising your video – especially useful with old videos in poor condition
  • Cutting parts of your video out and leaving the best bits
  • Improving the colours, sharpness, lightness, darkness where possible
  • Adding a special effect or two to make it special

Is Video Editing Difficult?

You may think that video editing is tricky. In general, the editing process can be for most people – especially if you have never done it before… Well the great thing is that with a little help from your friends – i.e Supaphoto – you’ll be able to get it all together and make that special high quality edited video.

The final product will look just the way you want it to look. Before long, your friends will be sitting around the telly oohing and ahhing at every scene! There will be smiles galore and it will all be down to you.

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