Video Conversion Service

Supaphoto is a dedicated nationwide service for converting videos to DVD and Digital files. And don’t worry, we also provide video tape repairs, video restoration and video editing services. We know how important this is for older tapes.

Our clients range from prestigious institutions, film companies to the general public.

Our studio is equipped with broadcast quality equipment to achieve best results. Safety of handling is a top priority.

On larger orders, we always strive to give a greater discount. 

So call us now for some no-obligation, jargon-free advice on 0800 690 6160! 

Video Conversion Service

Supaphoto Nears it’s 20 Year Anniversary! - With 000’s of Satisfied Video to Digital Customers

Supaphoto Ltd is an established company of almost 20 years now.  We’ve thousands of happy clients ranging from countless private individuals to prestigious institutions, museums and film production companies. Over the years, we’ve accumulated countless positive reviews regarding photo scanning from happy clients and it would be a privilege if you became our next customer.
No job is too large or even too small. We are used to converting anything from a single photo album to a large collection.

Video Tape Formats that We Convert

There aren’t many types of video tape that we don’t convert. From VHS to tapes from camcorder tapes, we’ll cover most peoples needs.

Video to digital conversion - What kind of videos do we transfer?

We specialise in converting video tapes to easy to play everyday media formats such as Digital Video Files like MP4 or DVDs in nice presentation cases. We also provide Video Tape Repairs, Video Restoration, NTSC to PAL Conversions and  Video Editing Services

Typically you will have one of the following formats – VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Mini DV, Camcorder tapes such as Video 8, Hi 8, Digital 8, Betamax, or Micro MV.  

You might also have these types which were generally used in a more professional context – Betacam, Digital Betacam, DV Cam, HDV, U-Matic Low and High Band.

Common video brands we are handle – Sony, TDK, Memorex, JVC, Kodak, Fuji, Maxwell & more
Whatever the brand, we’re used to handling them.

Supaphoto's Video Transfer Service Advantages

Here are just a few of the reasons why people choose Supaphoto everyday. You won’t be disappointed.

Security of Handling

We take security of handling very seriously

Free Services

Free pre and multi-stage picture assessment

Optional Advanced Service

Ideal for customers with material that needs more tender loving care

Choice of Output

Chose between Digital Files or DVD or go for a dual media safety pack

Supaphoto Quality

We’ve been doing this for a long time and are very familiar with what’s needed to get the best results from your video tapes. The considerations are numerous and we’ll take care to explain things in simple and easy terms. We always check for quality at regular stages. 

We're Easy to Deal With

Understanding your goals and future-proofing your decision

When a customer is gracious enough to make an enquiry, we don’t leapt to any conclusions as to their end goal. That’s because we’ve learnt over time that people make initial enquiries with a variety of objectives in mind. Understanding this helps get things right first time and help future-proof their decision. Without this initial consultation, it’s easy to leave the client in a position where certain undiscussed goals might not be met.  Sometimes clients ask for the videos to be enhanced. It’s often the case that the problem lies not with their video and more with their deck. In cases like this, the client is saved from spending more money than they need to. Sometimes the client wants the film in a format that enables them to share it online with their family or even edit on a computer. In this case we’ll supply a digital video file. That’s one of the reasons why we’re different as Supaphoto – We’re determined to understand and meet your needs first time around, whether they are small or large in ambition.

Commonly Requested Options

i) MP4 Digital Video file
Here we simply upload these files for you to our Secure Supaphoto Cloud where you can easily download your films and share your films online with all your friends and family. These digital video files are easy to play, can’t get scratched. Also, if you like the idea, it allows you to have fun easily creating your own home movie editing projects in your own time and at your own cost instead of getting someone else to do this. Many people also upload films to their personal social media or family archival sites.

ii) Copy on a USB memory stick or DVD
Here we supply your files on a USB Memory Stick. All you need to do is insert it into your computer. Once copied, you can also share your films with all your friends and family. These digital files are also easy to play. Most Clients also ask for a DVD set too. These come with an attractive presentation case which also protects the disc from accidental damage.

iii) DVD
DVDs are great for playing and act as an ideal hard copy backup of your films. They are also great for giving as presents on special occasions.

Advanced Service

We are sometimes are asked for our advanced service which works best for older tapes – these typically result in sharper, brighter, more vivid colours with improved image stabilising.

This service costs a little more and takes a bit longer.

Either way, at Supaphoto, we are happy to customise our service to suit you.

Video tape repairs, video restoration and video editing

And don’t worry, we also provide video tape repairs, video restoration and video editing services. We know how important this is for older tapes.

Formats we convert to

We invariably convert your videos to digital video files such as MP4 but can supply DVDs in lovely presentation cases too. In general, we tend to output any videotapes to MP4 files which are smaller than raw files and have the benefit of being generally playable on both PCs and Macs. They are also easy to share and fully editable. On request too, we are happy to output your files to AVI too, or MPEG-2 if desired.

The great thing is that most smart TVs have a USB port on them so you simply have to insert your USB stick into your TV to watch your newly digitised home movies.

We can also create beautiful looking DVDs in cases for your home videos. We tend to convert each tape to its own DVD to maintain quality.

At times we’ll use larger capacity DVDs that can hold up to 4 hours of footage, for added convenience too.

Our Video Transfer Prices (VHS, VHSc, Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini DV & Micro MV)

1a. Standard Service

Single Media Output

MP4 Digital Files or DVD(s)
  • 1 Tape - £29.99
  • 2 - 5 Tapes - £24.99
  • 6 Onwards - £21.99

Dual Media Safety Offer

Set of MP4 Digital Files AND Supaphoto DVD(s)
  • 1 Tape - £44.98
  • 2 - 5 Tapes - £39.98
  • 6 Onwards - £36.98

1b. Advanced Service

Single Media Output

MP4 Digital Files or DVD(s)
  • 1 Tape - £39.98
  • 2 - 5 Tapes - £34.98
  • 6 Onwards - £31.98

Dual Media Safety Offer

Set of MP4 Digital Files AND Supaphoto DVD(s)
  • 1 Tape - £54.97
  • 2 - 5 Tapes - £49.97
  • 6 Onwards - £46.97

2. Media Choice & Output Options

Which Medio Output is Best?
  • Digital video files are easy to play and share on PCs, laptops and phones & can’t get scratched. Enjoy home movie editing projects too
    Most ask for DVDs too in a lovely and protective presentation case. It’s also a vital safety back-up as digital files can easily be lost on a computer
  • Extra Copy of Mp4 Files on USB Memory Stick - £19.99
    Just insert into your computer to play, share and enjoy!
  • Extension Digital Files - £9.99
    Cost per Hour (Digital File captures where content exceeds 2 hours)
  • Extension DVD(s) - £9.99
    Cost per Hour (DVDs produced where content exceeds 2 hours)

3. Common Requests & Enhancements

There are some occasions you have tapes that need repairing or other treatments. We understand
  • Additional Copy of DVD - £7.99
    Cost per DVD Copy.A hard copy back-up set makes perfect sense to safeguard against digital files getting lost or damaged
  • Video Tape Repairs, Mould Treatment, Sticky Tape (Minimum Charge per Tape) - £19.99
  • Video Editing Service (Cost Per Hour of Work) - £39.99
  • Video Restoration Service i.e Colour, Tracking Lines, Stability (Cost Per Hour of Work) - £39.99
  • Standard Conversion NTSC to PAL/PAL to NTSC (Additonal Cost Per Tape) - £9.99

No upfront payment needed either! All prices include return delivery – tracked for peace of mind

Oh!.. and we often offer discounts for larger orders – so call us now..!

Give us a ring today on Freephone 0800 690 6160 or drop us a line

For any type of video not listed above including  Betamax, Betacam, Digital Betacam, DV Cam, HDV, U-Matic Low and High Band 
and other types, please contact us for prices. 

Nb. We also digitalise Camcorder Tapes, Cine Film, Photos, Slides, Photo Albums, & Audio Tapes & CassettesWe also provide video tape repairs, video restoration and video editing services.

One of Supaphoto's Proudest Moments

Being Chosen to Scan Sir Richard Attenborogh's Personal Collection of Film

Yes, we’re especially proud to have been chosen by Virgin Atlantic. Their prestigious sets of films, featuring Sir Richard Branson in the early days, catalogues their history and includes their early promotional films. The films show just how much the company has grown since the early days. The collection also included rare formats of broadcast grade video film together with produced 35mm cine film. We digitalised it all and remain very proud to have done so. But of course, we’ve also converted and improved thousands of weddings, christenings, holiday and school play VHS tapes too!

Take a Two Minute Journey & Enjoy Our Our Services Video

We're a Passionate Team

We love what we do and care deeply about what it means to you  

Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Supaphoto Ltd is an established company of almost 20 years with 000s of happy customers

Your Happiness Matters

If you are not satisfied with the results, nor are we. That’s the Supaphoto way

Why Choose Supaphoto?

Because you can trust us to take care of your memories as if they were our own

1st Class Quality

Supaphoto’s safe and dedicated studio has been designed with the goal of digitising films to an extremely high standard.

Our latest HD cine film scanners employ broadcast-quality features which result in a stunning finish.

Our clients range from prestigious institutions, TV production companies to thousands of satisfied private individuals. Just take a look on Google to see or reviews!

Simple Process

We know that your investment is one of the most memorable gifts you will give to yourself and your family.

With this in mind, we’ve done everything we can to make the process as simple as possible for you.

We are always happy to speak on the phone and help you through the process.

And by the way – we do our best not to use jargon.

Peace of Mind

For over 15 years, we’ve been transferring your memories with passion and dedication.

At the centre of what we do is a safe handling policy that we take very seriously.

Rest assured that we’ll take good care of your precious material, regularly updating you along the way.

We understand that this is an important decision for you.

Trusted Parner to Thousands of Private Individuals, Institutions & TV Production Companies

Private Individuals

We’ve helped 000s of private individuals to share, preserve and enjoy their films over the years

Museums and Other Institutions

We’ve had the honour of converting countless films and recordings for prestigious museums too

TV & Film Production Companies

We’re proud to have been chosen by numerous film production companies over the years

Typical reasons our customers digitise their albums


Old media decays over time, by transferring it soon you can save your memories from fading away

i) Preserving their material

The magic of videos is that they truly capture the special events in your life – from when your child is born to its first steps and onto school.

VHS cassettes for example, were never meant to last forever. In fact, most forms of media can degrade over time and in even well-maintained, dry conditions of storage. Switching over to digital files or DVDs will mean that you can more easily store the video files on your computer, as well. Creating a back-up of different types of storage is always the best way to make sure your home movies have a long lifespan. The physical wear and tear and crinkled film that can happen when VHS tapes are played or rewound is something that we also see more and more. You should also consider the temperature tapes are kept in. Video images simply don’t last forever and can easily fade and deteriorate, losing the rich colours and details they once had. The only way to truly preserve these wonderful moments in time is to convert your videos to digital.


If you digitise your media and put it on formats where it can be viewed, you can share your media with friends and loved ones.

ii) Sharing

Sometimes it’s a simple as being able to view your films again. You can also easily share your films over the internet at zero cost so there’s often no need at all to make expensive copies. It’s also so much more convenient to view your images on a large TV screen or computer!

Our services are also often used when people are considering giving gifts. We frequently see customers create videos for special birthdays or other events. Often it’s for weddings or Christmas presents. The list goes on. Whatever your idea, with a little bit of planning, you’ll be able impress your friends and family with a film gift that’s unique. Make your family’s smiles last for many years to come!

Finally, videos in boxes always take up a lot of space and create clutter. Digitalising them will quickly address this issue out too! Instead of taking up the space of a large suitcase, one of our recent customers is now overjoyed at the ability to simply took at them on her tablet!


Once your media is in digital format you can have fun editing it!

iii) Enjoying

There’s so much fun that you can have once your videos have been digitalised. You can really take control over your family archive!

Looking at old films that make your smile can only have a positive effect on your health and help bring your friends and family together to trigger healthy physical and emotional changes in the body!

Here’s just a few of the most common projects that our customers have fun with:

– Organising your films into logical groups
– Renaming each file and placing in date order
– Creating a kind of ‘greatest hits’ in one film
– Adding titles & music
– Creating a video slideshow of photos
– Mixing photos and videos together
– Adding your own audio commentary to bring your videos to life!
– Create prints from a frame of a video

Don’t Just Take our Word For it...

“Just had my photo albums scanned by Supaphoto, cannot praise them enough”

Zac A. Amazing Results!

“Highly recommend Supaphoto. Very professional individual service, great results”

Deborah O. Great Results!

“Highly recommend and sorting through more memories for them to preserve. Thanks”

James J. Highly Recommended!

“Very professional service, very helpful… and the quality was second to none! Many Thanks”

Mike B. Very Professional Service!

“Fantastic door to door service, slides, cine films and all sorts at a great price converted to the highest quality”

Simon Y. Highest Quality!

“So grateful to be able to look on these old family films after the recent passing of my grandparents. Thank you!”

Callum Y. So Grateful!

    Helpful, friendly, jargon-free but zero obligation advice!

    Supaphoto has been in this area for many years now so are well positioned to give you first rate advice that will often save you spending more than you need to. Likewise we’re often advising people about steps they can take after we’ve return their material to them – for example how to edit and share their digitalised material with their family after we have carried out the work.

    Whenever we help people this in this way, Supaphoto takes a huge amount of pride ourselves in explaining things in jargon-free simple terms – it’s another example of what makes Supaphoto different.

    Photo Gift Ideas

    There are so many different ways to convert your ideos into lovely
    – Supaphoto presentation case
    with DVD – looks lovely
    – Personalised audio recordings to complement your ideo footage – this helps younger generations know what’s going on!

    Cine Gift Occasions

    There are also multiple types of occasion that the slides can be used for – Wedding  gifts – Christmas Gifts – Birthday gifts – Mother’s day gifts – Father’s day gifts – Valentine’s gifts – Anniversary gifts – Gifts for Friends

    Make the magic happen! – Contact us now!
    Just call us on Freephone 0800 690 6160 to discuss our cine film transfer service or email us for further information. And remember to ask about possible discounts on larger quantities!

    Just Some of our Valued Clients