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Video to DVD Conversion Belfast


You have come to the right place if you are searching for Best Home Movie Conversion Near Me!

For Belfast, Newtownards, Lisburn, Bushmills, Bangor, Carrickfergus and Ballywalter, Supaphoto provides video to DVD transfer services. We treat every one of our customers’ films as if they were our own family memories, with attention to detail and care.

You can call us on Freephone 0800 690 6160 or email us if you would like to know more about our Video to DVD services near Belfast.
We are very proud of our extensive happy customer record. For over 15 years, Supaphoto has dedicated itself to the process of converting and preserving cine film, video, slides, photos and audio tapes to new, easy to manage and safer digital formats.

Prices and Options
Where possible, we will also endeavor to provide discounts on larger quantities! We have two levels of pricing - standard and advanced - the latter of which costs a little more and is sometimes preferred with those clients that have older tapes that need rejuvenating a little. This results in a sharper images, more vivid colours, better contrast and a more stable picture. For more helpful information and prices - visit our service page.

Video and Home Video - Transfers

There are many types of video tapes. We'll transfer your tapes to digital files, mp4, dvd or blu ray. We have transferred all formats over the years including vhs and camcorder tapes. Many of the video tapes are formats which are so obscure that the public has never even heard of them. Typically however, clients will have a selection of home movies including vhs, vhsc and camcorder tapes.

Quality, Process & Samples
We always take your precious material seriously. We've just upgraded our equipment to 2021 technology that delivers amazing higher resolution HD detail and colours. Our goal is always to passionately transfer your film to digital formats of the highest standard - here's a sample.
Our well established studio is equipped to convert vhs and numerous video formats and camcorder tapes including vhs to digital, vhsc, camcorder, video 8 , HI8 Video, Digital 8 Video, Mini DV, Micro MV, Betamax and more besides.

Security of Handling
Security is such an important consideration for our customers. We fully undestand and appreciate this. From the moment your place an order with Supapaphoto, rest assured that your film with be handled with the utmost of care and consideration.

Free Source of Helpful Advice in Plain & Simple Language
Whatever questions you may have about your film from safe keeping, choice of media or other matters, we have lots of helpful free information on our facebook page.

Take Control of your Films & Have Some Fun!
For Archival safety & DIY editing fun, we can also provide additional quality video digital files as a vital back-up of your films (unlike DVDs which can be scratched, video files can never fade), but they they will also you to have fun editing your own material on a PC or MAC). Thankyou for considering our conversion services.

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Video to DVD Transfers in Newtownards, Lisburn and Bushmills

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If you need to Transfer a Video to DVD in Belfast, or are looking for Camcorder or VHS transfer services near you, keep on reading!

VHS to DVD Transfers in Bangor, Carrickfergus and Ballywalter

Our customers usually tell us that our transfers to DVD are the most convenient, because they make great thoughtful gifts! They can also be viewed on many Laptops, TVs and DVD Players, which makes them all the more practical. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of the DVD format, please follow this link: Video to Digital Belfast.
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Transferring Family Memories on Video to DVD near Belfast

bullet point for menu Safe & Secure Policy

We understand why our customers want the reassurance that they are using the best company to safeguard their family memories. For example, we often come across beautiful and unique footage of Belfast Castle, and we understand why it is so important to our customers that this is preserved through the best technology and through the care of our team.

Even more so when our customers have video memories of family visits to St George’s Market or even to the Titanic Belfast!

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DIY Editing

All Services:

Video to mp4 and other Video to PC services nearby
More and more of our customers are looking for editable versions of their media so that they can get creative and share the love through social media. This is why we provide the option to choose a digital format for Video Transfers in Belfast.

This way, PC users can choose a Video to AVI transfer and MAC users can choose a Video to mp4 Transfer. The extra benefit of this option is that these files can be copied and uploaded onto the cloud for safekeeping!

Check out our information pages to learn more: video to mp4 near Belfast and video to avi in Belfast.

The History and Evolution of Common Video Formats
In efforts to record S-VHS data to a VHS tape, image quality is rather superior, however, after a few months the quality decreases greatly to a point of extreme graininess or video noise in less bright sections in the images. This is because of the standard VHS tape's want of coercivity that the S-VHS format needs, entailing that the stronger magnetization of the tape given by a S-VHS deck's recording heads aren't completely kept by the magnetic oxide particles of the VHS tape for a period, giving a less powerful weaker signal on playback.

In the end, the recording becomes un viewable (though it can be duplicated to another more ideal media while still in functional condition). The original tape itself can be reutilised for standard-format VHS format recordings without issues (as the oxide media itself remains physically unbroken).

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Standards Conversions

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Video Editing

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Slides & Photos
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Slide Scanning
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Negative Scanning
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Photo Scanning
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DVD Slideshows
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Photo Restoration

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DVD Duplication

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Audio to Digital
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Camera Repair
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Safety of Your Media
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