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VHS & Video Conversions Service

We specialise in film conversions - with a strong focus on customer service.

Our dedicated studio is fully equipped to handle a wide variety of video formats including vhs, vhsc, camcorder, video 8 , HI8 Video, Digital 8 Video, Mini DV, Micro MV, Betamax and more besides.

Over the years we've had the pleasure of working with thousands of interesting people. We transferred everything from holidays, weddings, parties and of course countless video recordings of school events! We are also proud of our commercial projects which include work for Richard Branson's Virgin, various museums, trusts and museums.

If you're looking for enhancements, for a relatively small amount of extra cost, we can offer you our advanced service which will substantialy improve the vividness, stability and sharpness of your film. Ths can also include colour correction and the repair of broken vhs tapes too.

For archival safety & DIY editing fun, we can also provide additional quality video digital files as a vital back-up of your films (unlike DVDs which can be scratched, video files can never fade), but they they will also you to have fun editing your own material on a PC or MAC)

Where possible, we will also endeavour to provide discounts on larger quantities!

For further information, Call us Now on 0800 690 6160 or


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  We provide a wide variety of video, 8mm film, DVD and Blu-Ray services including the transfer of video tape, movie film and digital video files as well as CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Duplication.

You can preserve your home movies by transferring them to DVD that can be played on your home DVD player or on your computer.

We can also save your old home movies or tape by converting them to .mp4 video files and storing them on a USB drive. The files can then be used on a wide variety of devices, including your home computer.

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With our advanced service whilst we convert video to dvd, adjustments can be made to reduce a number of errors which are common to older stretched tapes. Examples include picture jittering, colour or tint errors or colour bursts.

When transfering the video tape to dvd, as well as stabilising your video, quality using brightness, sharpness & contrast adjustment controls. These alterations can make an enormous difference to the end result. Email Us with your video tape to dvd enquiries

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