How to Edit Videos?

Personalised Service:
Firstly, we promise to speak to you whenever possible. We are not just another faceless internet company and we take pride in providing a caring and high quality service.

Quality of Editing:
We promise to deliver a first class video editing service. We have spent many years perfecting the art of duplication.

When we asked our customers in a recent survey, what was it that they held to be most important when considering a partner to handle their editing needs, the most uppermost concern was that we treat their material with care and attention and secondly, that we complete it with the best quality possible to us.

Safety and Handling:
Our promise extends to taking the maximum of care with your precious material. On receipt of your films, we log your details immediately and give you a call to say that they’ve safely arrived. Once we’ve carefully duplicated them, you can either collect or we’ll package them well and send them by a registered and traceable delivery service.

We don’t promise to be the cheapest but we simply couldn’t be with the quality of our processes. We do however promise to deliver a 1st class service that will add you to the hundreds of happy customers that have used Supaphoto so far.

The promise of a quality editing service is good but not for us. We offer a full suite of options which range from a simple and cost effective duplication only service to CDs/DVDs that complete are printed to your specification. Other enhancements include printed booklets, plastic wallets and cases.

What is the resulting quality like?
Apart from obvious quality that will result out our careful work, we also use some of the best quality materials such as CDs/DVDs since delivering a quality, fault free product is as important to us as it is to you.

Why do we do all of this?
Because service is everything and we’ve grown our business steadily through referrals.

Video to DVD and Digital Prices and Options