What is Video Editing?

Able to handle a wide variety of editing requests:
Firstly we are able to handle a wide variety of requests. Although these examples are not exhaustive, here are a few of e common requests that we have helped people and organisations with:

1. Removing & Re-ordering Material
This is commonly asked for where unwanted footage is to be removed or relocated elsewhere in the movie.

2. Titles
We can begin movies with a title of your choice and even end it this way too.

3. Video Enhancements
This is the term that we use where slight and precise adjustments need to be made to the film. Examples include sound levels being raised, music being added or scenes being faded.

4. Chapters & DVD Authoring
This is where we take an ordinary film and cut it into pieces by adding an impressive interactive visual menu at the beginning of the movie. This adds a professional edge to your finished work by allowing you to choose and simply jump straight to your desired part of the film. A title can precede the chapters if desirable and the film can even be configured to play in a loop should this be required.

5. Video Restoration
Video restoration is where film has been damaged or is generally in need of greater repair. Here we can sharpen detail, improve colours and modify sound to name but a few examples.

6. Transitions
Where appropriate, we might add a seamless transition such as a fade or page turn to indicate a change of subject matter in the movie.

7. Menus
If desirable, your disc can feature an interactive menu, allowing the user to instantly access specific sections of the video(s). If you explain to us your needs, we can design things to match your requirements accordingly.

To personalise the menu, you can supply us with your own images and text. The menu can even include background music and motion attributes.

8. Conversions
Your material will need to be captured and encoded to complete the editing process. The choice of format will depend on your original media and the kind of work that you require. We use production quality DVD authoring software which translates into a visually impressively end product.

Whatever your original format is, we can encode from any broadcast or domestic tape format, or even from an AVI file. Alternatively, we can also extract and use files from an existing DVD.

Personalised Printed DVD Covers
Give us the artwork and text - we'll print your covers too.

CD & DVD Packaging
We offer a full range of packaging options including slip cases, jewel cases and DVD cases. Alternatively, you may prefer to supply your own.

Your CDs or DVDs can come complete with or without text or images.

Loop Mode
If required, the disc can be configured so that it continually replays or 'loops'. This is ideal for shows where it sits playing continuously in the background.

What is the resulting quality like?
Apart from obvious quality that will result out our careful work, we also use some of the best quality materials such as CDs/DVDs since delivering a quality, fault free product is as important to us as it is to you.

Why do we do all of this?
Because service is everything and we’ve grown our business steadily through referrals.

Video to DVD and Digital Prices and Options