What is VHSc Video?

VHS-C is the compact VHS format introduced in 1982 and was used primarily for consumer-grade compact camcorders. The format is based on the same videotape as is used in VHS. Though quite inexpensive, the format is largely obsolete even as a consumer standard and has been replaced in the marketplace by digital video formats, which offer smaller form factors and better video quality.

Compared with Video8, VHS-C offered identical video quality but a shorter run time (120 versus 40 minutes at SP speed, 240 versus 120 for longer-running modes). Hi8 and S-VHS-C both offer laserdisc quality pictures, but media is far less readily available than the cameras themselves, and thus most S-VHS-C units support S-VHS ET, which allows recording of an S-VHS signal on high-grade VHS tape.

In standard play speed, they are usually of a duration of 30 minutes or 45 minutes

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