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Video Tapes

There’s magic in those tapes. Let’s release it together with our video conversion service. We convert a wide variety of tapes so you can be sure that we’ll be able to help you. We also fix broken tapesedit filmsrestore videos and convert camcorder tapes to digital.

See below the video formats that we convert:


Cine Film

What can beat the magic of old cine film? No much we’d say! We love to transfer film. Over the years we’ve been so privileged to have seen so much amazing personal footage.  From 8mm film to Super 8 and 16mm, we handle it all. 

The formats that we handle can seen below:

Standard 8 Cine Film

Super 8 Cine FIlm

9.5 mm Cine Film

16mm Cine Film

35 mm Cine Film


Whether they were holiday snaps, school photos or wedding images, those memories captured on photo prints are so important. Most of the time, you’ll just want them scanned but we’re also often asked to carry out photo editing and photo restoration work too.

Rest assured that you’ll find your photo format here below below including prints, slides and negatives:


35mm Negatives

Medium Format

Instamatic Film

APS Film

Kodak Disk Film

scanned photo album

Photo Albums


Ahhh. What can possibly beat the sound of the human voice?  Maybe it’s a recording of your parents talking about life back in the day. Could also be an audio recording of a wedding.  Sometimes too we’re asked to repair a cassette tape. We can even carry out audio restoration work.

From good old fashioned cassettes to magnetic reel to reel tapes, you’ll be sure to find your format below: 


Reel to Reel Tape

Compact Cassette

DAT Tape

Micro Cassette

Mini Disc

Vinyl Record